Decinema Anamorphic Review

Decinema Anamorphic ReviewAre you looking to create more powerful videos without doing all of the work yourself?

If so, you may be interested in a new collection of PowerPoint video templates.

It comes with the rather cryptic name of ‘Decinema Anamorphic’.

I should also say that the sales video is similarly cryptic; a bit like it has been translated badly from a technical manual.

However, all you really need to know is that ‘anamorphic’ means ‘cinema style’ and that this is a large collection of fresh and exciting templates that can be easily edited in PowerPoint to get them exactly as you want them.

The package is split into 7 ‘modules’…

  • Module 1: 10 ‘anamorphic’ video templates (i.e. cinema style presentations)
  • Module 2: 4 business presentation video templates
  • Module 3: 4 more business presentation video templates
  • Module 4: 8 ‘anamorphic’ video intro templates
  • Module 5: 8 more ‘anamorphic’ video intro templates
  • Module 6: 8 ‘anamorphic’ video outro templates with calls to action
  • Module 7: 10 short ‘wipe-style’ video ad templates

You will need to have PowerPoint to use these templates.

If you do, then editing the templates is very straightforward.

However, full walkthrough tutorials are provided if you need further guidance.

I have some bonuses to add more value to the offer…

  • Bonus 1: 6 ecommerce video templates
  • Bonus 2: 6 ecommerce sale / discount promotion video templates
  • Bonus 3: 6 ecommerce store promotion video templates
  • Bonus 4: 6 ‘viral style’ tips video templates
  • Bonus 5: 6 video intro templates

Instructions for accessing all of the bonuses will be provided after you have completed your purchase.

During the short launch window, you can get Anamorphic for a very low introductory price.

I like the quality of these templates and they will certainly add punch and excitement to your video projects.

You can see everything you get here…

Well worth a good look.