Animated Video Elements Review

AnimatedVideoElements01I just came across a new collection of animated video elements called (less than imaginatively) ‘Animated Video Elements’.

This is from Scott Hamlin who always delivers very high quality products and this is no exception.

What makes this collection even more special is that it comes with Scott’s ‘Easy Animator’ software included.

You can use this to change the animation effects of the elements in the collection or use it to animate images from other sources, including ones you may already have on your computer.

The collection includes…

  • 50 ‘lower thirds’ (the text boxes you typically see at the bottom edge of videos)
  • 75 animated badges
  • 50 animated text boxes
  • 50 animated labels
  • 100 animated icons
  • 25 animated transitions
  • And more

Add these elements to your videos to make them ‘pop’ and grab attention.

The best way to appreciate how these animations can add to your video-making is to see them in action.

Scott has opened this offer at a special discounted price for the next couple of days only, so do check it out now here…

Remember that you get the powerful Easy Animator software included for free.

I think you will be impressed.

And, to make this even more appealing, I am throwing in a bonus of dozens of ecology and environment icons, which are perfect for use with Easy Animator.

You will find the download link inside the JVZoo Customer Portal after you buy.