Another 500 Bonus Music Loops Added

Music Loops

In a huge new addition to the Welcome Bonus Package, we have just included another 500+ music loops. That’s on top of the existing 300+ tracks already in the package, bringing the grand total to more than 800 pieces of music you can use either with Easy Sketch Pro or in any other project you need music for.

There is a massive variety of genres and styles so you are sure to find suitable music no matter what mood you want to create.

Fancy a bit of disco? It’s here.

Want some serious classical music? It’s here.

How about some good old rock and roll? It’s here.

You’ll also find country, R&B, easy listening and even a bit of techno.

The tracks range from intros and outros of 15 to 30 seconds all the way up to full tracks of 3 minutes.

And they are completely royalty-free and available for use in any way you see fit (except that you cannot resell or give away any of the tracks).

It’s time to pump up the music and party down!

Watch out for more great bonuses coming your way soon.