Decinema Anamorphic Review

Decinema Anamorphic ReviewAre you looking to create more powerful videos without doing all of the work yourself?

If so, you may be interested in a new collection of PowerPoint video templates.

It comes with the rather cryptic name of ‘Decinema Anamorphic’.

I should also say that the sales video is similarly cryptic; a bit like it has been translated badly from a technical manual.

However, all you really need to know is that ‘anamorphic’ means ‘cinema style’ and that this is a large collection of fresh and exciting templates that can be easily edited in PowerPoint to get them exactly as you want them.

The package is split into 7 ‘modules’…

  • Module 1: 10 ‘anamorphic’ video templates (i.e. cinema style presentations)
  • Module 2: 4 business presentation video templates
  • Module 3: 4 more business presentation video templates
  • Module 4: 8 ‘anamorphic’ video intro templates
  • Module 5: 8 more ‘anamorphic’ video intro templates
  • Module 6: 8 ‘anamorphic’ video outro templates with calls to action
  • Module 7: 10 short ‘wipe-style’ video ad templates

You will need to have PowerPoint to use these templates.

If you do, then editing the templates is very straightforward.

However, full walkthrough tutorials are provided if you need further guidance.

I have some bonuses to add more value to the offer…

  • Bonus 1: 6 ecommerce video templates
  • Bonus 2: 6 ecommerce sale / discount promotion video templates
  • Bonus 3: 6 ecommerce store promotion video templates
  • Bonus 4: 6 ‘viral style’ tips video templates
  • Bonus 5: 6 video intro templates

Instructions for accessing all of the bonuses will be provided after you have completed your purchase.

During the short launch window, you can get Anamorphic for a very low introductory price.

I like the quality of these templates and they will certainly add punch and excitement to your video projects.

You can see everything you get here…

Well worth a good look.

Fresh Stock Photos 5

Fresh Stock PhotosIf you use stock photos in your business, you may be interested in a new product called ‘Fresh Stock Photos Volume 5’.

This is a collection of 1,000 stock photos and comes with developer license included, so you can use the photos in both your own business and in projects you undertake for clients.

All of the photos have been sourced directly from the photographers, so they are completely new and original, unlike so many of the secondhand re-packaged images you typically see offered.

There are a couple of other features that make this stand out from the crowd.

First, each photo has been professionally edited and re-touched in Photoshop so it is of the highest quality.

Second, all of the images have been individually named and categorised to make them easy to browse and find exactly what you are looking for.

(If you have spent ages wading through hundreds of images with unhelpful names like IMG001.jpg, you will find this a big plus.)

The collection spans a huge variety of subjects and niches, so there is likely to be something here to use, whatever your project is.

For the next couple of days only, the entire collection is available for the bargain basement price of just $14.

With images of this quality, that makes this an absolute steal.

For full details and samples of what’s included, go here…

There aren’t many places where you can pick up high-quality stock photos with commercial use for less than 1.5 cents a pop, so this is well worth a serious look.


Dropmock Kinetic Review

Dropmock Kinetic ReviewA new piece of software has caught my eye.

It’s called ‘Kinetic’ and comes from the same people that brought you ‘Dropmock’.

In a nutshell, it’s a set of professionally produced editable video templates you can use to promote your business or products.

The idea is that you pick a template suited to your niche from the built-in library.

You then edit the template to add your own elements, such as a logo, text and background images.

A few also allow you to add your own video content.

Once you’re happy, you render the video and download it to your computer to do whatever you will with it.

That’s all fine and dandy and the video templates do look like they have been created by professionals.

So, yes, you could use Kinetic to quickly create some high quality videos to promote or advertise your business.

However, when I started playing around with it, a few issues became apparent.

First, the basic package only comes with 20 templates.

Given that these span multiple niches, the chances are that only a handful will be relevant to any one user.

There is a rider to that…

As far as I can see, you can edit all of the images and text in a template, so you could ‘adapt’ any of the templates to any niche.

However, in my view, that rather defeats the purpose of a template.

If you change everything, you may as well start from scratch.

You can get more templates with the first upsell, but more on that in a minute.

Each template consists of a number of slides (similar to PowerPoint).

Each slide typically consists of a background image and some text.

And that’s where the second issue arises.

As far as I could see, you cannot add or delete slides.

Nor can you change the duration each slide is shown for.

Nor can you change the position of text, or the font, font size or style used.

And there is a slightly bizarre restriction on how many characters you can have in any text element.

For example, a text element may need to be between 15 and 20 characters long.

So you could not have 14 characters and you could not have 21 characters.

They have presumably done this because the positioning and animation of the text requires the text element to be a certain length.

However, I can see this becoming very frustrating when the message you want to get across is stubbornly a couple of characters longer than you are allowed.

It’s certainly not a restriction you commonly see in other video template products.

Dropmock Kinetic InterfaceThere is another frustrating issue with the editing process.

You edit each slide in turn to add your own text and images.

However, you can only see the effect of your changes on the final video by actually rendering and creating it.

Whilst it’s true that the changes you can make – changing text and adding your own images – are pretty straightforward, I believe most people would still like to preview them without having to finalise the project.

Live preview of changes is so common in video editing software now, that this feels like going back in time 5 years.

The software is cloud-based, so all of the editing and rendering is done online.

This has the usual plus of not having to install anything on your computer and the usual minus of not being able to use it without an internet connection.

This also means that there is a queue to get your videos rendered.

At the time of writing, this only took a minute or so, but that is likely to change as users come onboard.

Either way, the absence of a preview facility, coupled with queued rendering, could be a recipe for a lot of frustration, especially if you are up against a deadline.

And there is another wrinkle that could add to your woes.

The basic package comes with a limit of 20 renders a month.

That should be fine for personal use if it equated to 20 completed videos.

However, you could rapidly eat into that quota if you have to re-render a video more than once to get it the way you want it.

It would have made more sense to place the restriction on downloads rather than renders.

This is probably a good time to mention the first upsell, because it goes some way to solve these issues.

It is the inevitable ‘template club’.

For $37 a month, you get an additional 20 templates added immediately and a further 20 templates each month you continue to be a member.

You also get the render limit increased from 20 to 200 per month.

This is probably optional if you only want to create a handful of videos for your own use each month, but is pretty much essential if you intend to create videos for clients.

(As a plus, the commercial license is offered for a small additional fee on the basic package.)

Dropmock Kinetic VerdictSo what’s the bottom line?

It may seem like I have been a bit hard on this product.

And it does have a number of real drawbacks.

However, if you can work around those and you only intend to put the software to light personal use, it can produce some fairly impressive promotional videos in a very short time.

The problem is… so can a whole host of PowerPoint video templates on the market.

And PowerPoint templates don’t generally suffer from the restrictions I have described for Kinetic.

So, as they say, the decision is yours.

You can see Kinetic in action here…

That’s all for now.

Viddyoze Offer

*** Offer closes at midnight, Eastern Time, on September 9th ***

If you make videos for business or pleasure (or intend to in the future), I have a very special offer for you today.

I have obtained exclusive ‘back-door’ access to a 76% discount on the most impressive, easy to use and cost-effective video animation software I have come across.

(And I don’t say that lightly.)

Viddyoze ReviewViddyoze lets you create stunning video intros and outros, logo stings, lower thirds, text animations and overlays, call-outs, animated scene transitions, calls to action and much more.

You can even use it to create Hollywood-style cinematic overlays and filters.

Up until now, you could only produce sophisticated effects like these using expensive and complicated high-end video editing software – such as Adobe After Effects – running on a very high-spec computer.

With Viddyoze, everything is point and click simple and, since everything is created and rendered in the cloud, you can do it all using the most basic of computer setups.

Plus, Viddyoze comes with a vast array of professionally designed templates that you can select and edit with literally a few clicks of your mouse.

There is even an optional music track composed specifically for each template.

But words can’t really do justice to the incredible effects you can create with Viddyoze.

You really have to see it in action for yourself.

So go and watch the presentation video here…

It’s 12 minutes long, but do try to find the time to watch it to the end.

It’s full of some pretty amazing effects and every single one of them was created with Viddyoze.

I think you are going to be as impressed as I am with what this software is capable of producing.

Viddyoze Demo

But please act quickly…

For the next 72 hours only, you can not only get lifetime access for a one-off fee, but also grab a 76% ‘back-door’ discount off the normal price.

Viddyoze allows you to quickly, simply (and, with this deal, cheaply) add the ‘Wow’ factor to any video you create, whether for business or pleasure.

That instantly gives you more credibility and significantly increases the chances of people engaging with your content and watching your videos through to the end.

But there’s another opportunity here…

If you grab the commercial license option, you not only get unlimited personal use of the software, you can also use it to create video effects for clients.

There is always a high-demand for professionally produced video intros, outros and animations.

Just search any of the popular outsourcing sites and you will see people happy to pay $75, $100 or even more for this sort of work.

And that’s for pretty basic stuff.

Showcase some of the effects you can create using Viddyoze and you can stand head and shoulders above what most of these sellers are offering.

And yet it would take you just minutes a time to finish a job using the point and click features of the software.

(I know of several smart marketers who are already doing this and making very easy money.)

Viddyoze is a very impressive piece of kit and a worthy addition to any video maker’s toolkit.

But the one-time 76% discounted price is only available for 72 hours, so do check it out before the offer closes…

I’m already having a lot of fun using Viddyoze and I know you will too.

Drone Footage Ace Review

Drone Footage Ace ReviewA new product has just launched called ‘Drone Footage Ace’.

Video shot from drones is getting very popular at the moment, because it is different and can be very impressive and engaging.

At the heart of the collection are 260 pieces of drone footage, covering landscapes, cityscapes, coastlines and more.

However, that’s not all that’s included.

You also get 1,000 additional (non-drone) HD stock videos across a wide range of topics.

Unusually, the commercial license is included with the base product, so you can use the video clips in both your own projects and those you do for paying clients.

You can get full details and watch samples of what’s included here…

Drone Footage Ace BinusI am also including the following bonuses…

> An additional collection of 200 HD stock video footage clips

> A collection of 20 aerial stock videos

> A collection of 25 time-lapse stock videos

> A collection of 50 animated video backgrounds

> A collection of an additional 100 time-lapse videos

> 100 pieces of stock footage featuring fire and flames

> 100 pieces of stock footage featuring water

> A collection of night-time stock footage clips

> 100 high-resolution stock photos on the topic of animals

Taken all together, that is a pretty amazing collection of video assets, all available for a low one-off fee.

However, the price is rising slowly during the launch so, if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible to get the best price…

Well worth a look.

Promoyze Review

Promoyze ReviewA new product called ‘Promoyze’ has just launched.

It comes from the same team that brought you ‘Explaindio’.

In a nutshell, it’s software that aims to hugely simplify the process of creating marketing, promotional and sales videos.

It does this by providing you with a library of video templates, each consisting of a sequence of ‘slides’ or ‘scenes’.

Each of the slides consists of a collection of elements – video, image, text, etc – that you can edit to reflect your own brand and tailor the template to your own requirements.

The authors call this editing process, ‘click and swap’, presumably because you are ‘swapping’ out template elements for your own.

The idea is that the template takes you 80% of the way there and you just have to add the remaining 20%, making the video creation process simple and fast.

And it certainly does that.

Depending on the level of customisation you want to do, you select a template, make a few tweaks and render the final video in as little as a minute or two.

The authors are calling Promoyze ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘revolutionary’.

(Always makes me groan.)

However, it is clearly far from that.

People have been releasing PowerPoint video templates for years that do pretty much exactly the same job.

You open the template in PowerPoint, edit the slides and render the video.

So what, if anything, makes Promoyze different?

Well, one obvious thing is that the creators are marketers, whereas most of the people behind PowerPoint templates are designers (more on this later).

Another difference is that the templates come with professionally produced audio narration tracks.

This is seldom the case with PowerPoint templates, which tend to come with backing music only.

By the way, the software allows you to delete the narration, swap it with your own, record your own from within the software and/or add a backing music track.

A further difference is the length of these templates.

Whilst most PowerPoint templates are maybe 15 to 30 seconds, Promoyze templates are typically around a minute each.

So these can be used as fully-fledged sales videos.

The basic software comes with 100 templates across a variety of niches and topics.

It seems to me that the niches included are pretty key to your buying decision, so it is strange that the sales letter does not provide a list.

So I waded through and came up with a list for you…

1. Auto detailing
2. Ecommerce store building
3. Bathroom remodelling
4. Car insurance agency
5. Carpet cleaning
6. Chimney replacement
7. Chiropractor
8. Computer repair
9. Cosmetic dentist
10. Dog grooming
11. Dog training
12. Website traffic generation
13. Electrician
14. Email marketing / list building
15. Building contractor
16. Home insurance agency
17. Home remodelling
18. House cleaning
19. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
20. Golf
21. IT consultancy
22. Make money online
23. Marriage counselling
24. Martial arts
25. Massage therapy
26. Medical malpractice attorney
27. Personal trainer
28. Pizza restaurant
29. Plastic surgery
30. Plumber
31. Niche video store
32. Real estate
33. Residential security
34. Roofing
35. Copywriting
36. Relationship management
37. SEO
38. Small business loans
39. Social media marketing
40. Tattoo removal
41. Travel agency
42. Travel insurance
43. Video creation
44. Video marketing
45. Website building software
46. Wedding photographer
47. Wedding planner
48. Window cleaning

Each niche comes with both an ‘animated’ template and an ‘alternate’ template, giving you the 100 templates in total (I appear to have missed a couple of the niches in the above list).

In broad terms, the animated template uses ‘explainer’ type animated images and text and the alternate template is more like a PowerPoint presentation with a series of videos and/or images and text slides.

Each template comes with the option to download the script, should you want to read it or modify it and maybe get it re-recorded using your own voice talent.

The software is downloaded to your computer, so you do not need an internet connection to use it.

It works for both PC and Mac.

The software uses a ‘timeline’, which you will be familiar with if you have used pretty much any video editor.

When you open a template in the software, it is presented on the timeline as a sequence of slides or scenes.

You can preview and edit a slide by clicking on it.

When a slide is selected, all of the editable elements are annotated e.g. ‘IMG’ for image, ‘TEXT’ for text, ‘VID’ for video.

You click on any of the annotations to edit that element.

For example, you can swap the template images with your own.

Simply click on the image and select whether to replace it with an image from your computer or from ‘Pixabay’ (a site providing free stock images).

With text elements, you can change the text, font, font size, colour, position, etc.

You can also elect to total remove a slide from the template.

Note that there is an option to ‘sketch’ an image before displaying it. If you have used whiteboard animation software before, you will be familiar with this.

When you have been through all of the slides and made your changes, you can preview the final video.

When you are happy, it’s time to render the final video.

You can select the video resolution (e.g. high-definition) and quality and optionally add a watermark (useful if you are sending the video to a paying client for review).

There are a couple of other interesting options here.

You can elect to create a square video, ideal for social media and mobile, or a ‘portrait’ video, which can look better than the normal ‘landscape’ video on mobile devices.

The software is very simple to use and I was able to complete my first project without needing to refer to any of the training materials.

(These appear to be comprehensive, should you need further help or instruction.)

There are two purchase options for the software.

The first is for personal use at $27 and the second is for commercial use at $47.

You will need the commercial use version if you want to use Promoyze to create videos that you intend to sell or include as part of projects for paying clients.

I believe that the prices will increase during the launch period.

So that’s the basic product.

Promoyze UpsellsWhat about upsells?

Unusually for the Explaindio team, there are only two.

The first is the inevitable template club at $37 per month.

This provides you with 20 additional templates per month, across a range of niches and topics.

For the launch only, you also get a ‘welcome’ package of a further 80 templates.

I believe that, if you say no to this, there will be options to buy a collection of additional templates for a one-time fee.

You can opt for 100 templates for $67 or 30 templates for $27.

The second upsell is for a collection of 100 animated character presenters that you can overlay onto other videos for $47.

If you say no to this, there is an option to get 30 presenters for $17.

Promoyze VerdictSo what’s the bottom line?

The big advantage with Promoyze is speed.

You really can select a template, make a few changes and produce a finished video in a few minutes because the templates have already done most of the hard work for you.

And the templates, whilst not exceptional, are of a good standard.

They have not been thrown together like in so many template collections out there.

Plus, they look like they have been created by real marketers, since they follow tried and tested video marketing formats (present the problem, exacerbate the problem, provide a solution, give a call to action).

The images, text and animation are appropriate and well thought-out and the narration is also professional.

The flip-side of this advantage is, of course, flexibility.

Whilst it is entirely possible to edit just about every element of the templates and effectively ‘start from scratch’, this negates the core strength of the software.

So I would not recommend Promoyze if you intend to make wholesale changes to the templates.

That’s not what the product is all about.

Promoyze is likely to appeal mainly to two groups of people.

The first is people who offer marketing services to local niche businesses.

You would simply have to obtain some images and details (maybe even some video footage) specific to a business and use them to tailor one of the templates to quickly create a promotional video.

Add the watermark feature to create a preview for the client and remove it when they are happy to pay for the video.

You would need the commercial version to use Promoyze in this way.

The second group of people is affiliate marketers who promote products in a range of niches.

Affiliate marketers generally need to create a lot of videos quickly and Promoyze allows them to do that whilst maintaining a decent level of quality.

Promoyze is probably not a sensible investment for marketers working in one niche, since they would be better served by hunting down template collections devoted to that one niche.

If you are in either of these groups of people, Promoyze could be a good investment at the low introductory price.

You should also consider the template club upsell, or at least one of the additional template collections offered as a ‘downsell’, to give you the widest possible selection of niches and topics.

Promoyze is not ground-breaking or revolutionary, but it does solve a real problem for local business and affiliate marketers who want to create lots of decent videos quickly and painlessly.

And it does so at a fair introductory price.

You can get the full details, watch a demo and have a whistle-stop tour of some of the templates here…

One of the things that Promoyze lacks is a music library.

So, as a bonus, I am including 101 pieces of royalty-free music, spanning a range of genres and moods so that there is something suitable for use with any of your video projects, with Promoyze or otherwise.

Lifetime Stock Video Review

Lifetime Stock Video ReviewA new product has just launched called ‘Lifetime Stock Video’.

This comes from Richard Madison, the same vendor who launched ‘Lifetime Hosting’ a few months back.

A few words about that before I review the new product (it’s relevant)…

In case you don’t know, ‘hosting’ is renting space on the internet where you store your website files so that they can be accessed by people online.

Normally, ‘renting’ is the operative word.

You pay a hosting company so much per month to keep your websites up and running.

The rent you pay depends on a number of factors but is typically around $10 a month for a basic package.

The big selling point for Lifetime Hosting was that you obtained hosting for life from the company, not for a monthly rental, but for a single one-off payment.

And a pretty low payment at that.

I did not recommend Lifetime Hosting to my subscribers for the simple reason that it didn’t make any sense to me.

There are real ongoing costs associated with hosting that every hosting company has to finance.

Things like making the space available, ensuring that websites are always up and running, customer support and the like.

I therefore did not see how a business could continue to provide these services without a constant stream of income coming in.

True, new customers into the business could more than finance services for existing customers.

However, the wheels could easily fall off should the stream of new customers slow or even stop altogether.

I depend on my websites being accessible to earn my living and so I would not run the risk of having them hosted by this business if and when that happened.

Now, Richard is applying a similar business model to stock video clips with Lifetime Stock Video.

However, this is a very different kettle of fish to website hosting.

Continuing access to stock footage is not critical to your business in the same way as having a functioning website is.

And, even if the worst were to happen and the clips became unavailable online, you should have recouped the small initial investment many times over by then.

So what is Lifetime Stock Video?

It is a club where members get access to stock video on a monthly basis, but only have to pay a single payment for lifetime membership.

When you join, you get immediate access to a ‘back catalogue’ of 1,000 4K and HD background and stock video clips, with an additional 75 new pieces of 4K video being added every month for the next 2 years.

That’s a total of 2,800 video clips.

After the 2 years, you will be offered a further 2-year membership at the same price to continue receiving the 75 new videos a month.

If you do not want to take that option, you will still continue to have access to all of the 2,800 videos in your membership to that point.

In case you don’t know, ‘4K’ is relatively new ultra high-resolution video, typically 3,840 x 2,160 or 4,096 × 2,160.

The collection comes with keyword search to help find the types of clips you are looking for, plus a built-in preview feature to view the clips before you download them.

The idea is that you only find and download the clips you need, when you need them.

The 4K videos are all available in 6 different sizes, ranging from 3,840 x 2,160 down to 426 x 240.

And the HD videos are available in 4 different sizes, ranging from 1,920 x 1,080 down to 426 x 240.

This means that you can download the size to meet your purposes, without having to re-size videos in editing software.

(Not all websites, services and software are yet able to handle 4K and full HD videos, plus you may want to use lower-resolution video to reduce files sizes.)

During the launch, the collection comes with a developer license included.

This means that, in addition to personal use, you can also use any of the video clips in your Lifetime Stock Video membership in projects you do for clients.

Developer licenses usually come with an additional price tag, so this is a big plus.

(Note that you cannot resell the videos ‘as-is’; they need to be included as part of a wider project.)

During the 5-day launch, Lifetime Stock Video is available for a one-time payment of around $40.

If you pay for individual video clips from the popular stock footage websites, you will know that offers exceptional value for money (being less than you would typically pay for a single clip).

The price will be increasing in stages throughout the launch and membership will then switch to a monthly fee.

So, if this interests you, check it out as soon as possible to get the best deal.

You can get all of the details and watch samples from the collection here…

Lifetime Stock Video BonusI also have a number of bonuses to add further value to the offer…

Bonus 1: 100 HD video backgrounds across a range of niches

Bonus 2: 100 royalty-free music tracks spanning multiple genres and moods.

Bonus 3: YouTube Marketing Made Easy

These over the shoulder video tutorials will show you how to produce, market and monetise videos on YouTube.

Everything is covered in this 20-module course, from setting up a YouTube account to getting your videos ranking in the search results.

Bonus 4: YouTube Ads Made Easy

This collection of 17 step-by-step video tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about using paid advertising on YouTube.

YouTube has some of the cheapest and most targeted advertising around and yet few marketers are using it effectively, if at all.

This training shows you how, from the different ad types available to you, through to ultra-cheap traffic using retargeting campaigns.

It also includes numerous real-life case studies so you can see theory put into practice.

Bonus 5: Social Media Income

This collection of 36 video tutorials shows you how to profit from all of the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

If you are not using social media to generate traffic, this training will bring you up to steam fast.

Bonus 6: Beginner’s Guide to Video Production

This training series covers all aspects of video production, including equipment, free editing tools, planning and pre-production, storyboarding, creating a script, post-production and much more.

It is designed to get you up and running and producing professional results using free or ultra-cheap resources.

Lifetime Stock Video UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are three.

The first is the inevitable ‘Pro’ version for $37.

This gives you immediate access to a further 2,300 clips, plus an additional 175 clips per month, all with developer rights.

It is well worth considering if you use a lot of video or especially if you offer video services for clients.

(If you decline this, I believe there will be a ‘downsell’ for $27 that seems to offer better value for money.)

The second upsell for $47 gives you access to a collection of 15,000 HD stock images, with developer rights.

(Again, if you decline this, I believe there will be a ‘downsell’ for $27 that seems to offer better value for money.)

The final upsell is for resell rights to Lifetime Stock Video, allowing you to sell memberships and keep 100% of the proceeds.

There are options from $67 to $127, depending on the number of memberships you can resell.

This is worth considering if you have an audience that would be interested.

(There is a downsell where you can purchase the resell rights in 3 instalments, but I do not see the advantage in this.)

You can get all of the details and watch samples from the collection here…


Definitely worth a look.

Best Free Video Editor?

I have discovered what may just be the best free video editor…


It’s called ‘Lightworks’ and it’s a very impressive piece of kit, especially as the basic version is completely free to use.

An indication of its pedigree is that the pro version has been used to edit big-name movies, including ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Road to Perdition’.

As you may expect for such a powerful beast, it will take you some time to master it, but – if you want access to the advanced features it offers – it’s well worth the effort.

Lightworks describes itself as ‘the professional video editor for everyone’ and, from what I have seen so far, I think it warrants that title.

If you’re used to other free video editors, you are likely to find the interface a little alien, but the software allows you to arrange the various controls and windows to create something that suits your way of working.

I would not recommend Lightworks for simple editing tasks, but it’s well worth a look if you want to go far beyond what other free editors can do for you.

You can access Lightworks here…

(That is not an affiliate link… anyway, it’s free!)

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle Review

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle ReviewIf you use whiteboard animation in your business, a new product has just launched that you may be interested in.

It’s called ‘Sketch Pack Mega Bundle’ and it’s a collection of 1,210 hand-drawn characters and supporting elements in vector (SVG), PNG and PDF formats, perfect for use in any whiteboard animation software.

The characters come in multiple poses and span 17 different niches, including athletic men and women, business men and women, musicians, real estate agents, students, doctors, police men and many more.

In addition, there are 77 supporting elements, including bubbles, icons, highlights, lines, symbols and shapes.

Unusually, the developer’s licence is included, meaning you can make as many videos as you like both for yourself and for projects you do for your clients.

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle BonusIf you order during the launch period, you will also pick up these bonuses…

Bonus 1: A gift card giving you $10 off other products from the author

Bonus 2: An additional 50 assorted sketch images in both SVG and PNG format

Bonus 3: 5 custom PowerPoint video outro templates with calls to action (e.g. ‘visit our website’, ‘join our email list’). These are fully editable and developer rights are included.

Bonus 4: 25 ecommerce themed whiteboard animation images in SVG and PNG formats, including sale, discount, premium and guarantee images.

Bonus 5: 20 high-definition abstract motion video backgrounds for use in all your video projects.

Bonus 6: 25 electronic devices themed whiteboard animation images in SVG and PNG formats, including things like cameras, phones, tablets and more.

Bonus 7: 20 professionally produced background music tracks for use in any of your video projects (or any other way you see fit)

During the launch, the entire collection – including all of these bonuses – is available for less than $20, making it a real bargain if you are looking for whiteboard animation assets to add to your library.

You can get all of the details here…

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle UpsellsThere are a couple of upsells…

The first is an additional collection of more than 500 whiteboard animation graphics for $17.

The second is a collection of 24 ‘done for you’ whiteboard animation videos with developer rights in a range of niches for $24.

I leave you to decide whether these would be useful additions for your business.

The price of Sketch Pack Mega Bundle is rising slowly during the launch so, if you are interested, do check it out as soon as possible…

Pexels Videos

Pexels Videos

I have an excellent source of free stock video footage for you.

It’s called ‘Pexels Videos’ and you can find it here…

I have told you about the royalty free stock photo site Pexels before.

Now, with this new site, they are branching into video.

The hundreds of videos on offer include impressive time-lapse and drone footage, cityscapes, nature and wildlife, office scenes, product mockups, people, technology and much more.

Even better, all of the videos clips are completely free for both personal and commercial use, which means you can use them in your own projects and projects you do for paying clients.

Whatever the topic of your video projects, you are sure to find something suitable here, so take a look around and enjoy!