Soothing Images

Chiropractor Images Added

These chiropractor images should sooth and refresh you.

Use them to re-energise your whiteboard animation projects.

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It’s Childs Play

Children's Toys Images

Here is a selection of images from the Easy Sketch Pro Image Library to bring out your inner child.

There are images of balls, tricycles, teddy bears and a whole lot more to bring youthful enthusiasm to your whiteboard animation projects.

Go on, have some fun! You know you want to!

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Green Screen Actors Flash Sale

This is just a quick note to alert you to a flash sale happening this weekend only.

Green Screen ActorsFor 72 hours, Max Rylski is offering a huge 50% discount on his ‘Green Screen Actors’ collection.

And, to sweeten the deal even more, he has added 60 new videos, also available for this weekend only.

You can get full details here…

As you can see, there is a lot more to this collection than just the actors and actresses.

Here’s a quick round-up of what you get…

> More than 160 High-Definition green screen videos

> 18 different professional actors and models in 11 different scenarios (frustration, anger, celebration, etc)

> Aerial drone footage (e.g. cityscape, street views, rivers, etc)

> Green screen billboards and outdoor ads

> Green screen computers, TV screens, tablets and mobile/cell phones

> 30+ high-definition landscape and interior video motion backgrounds

> 75 high-definition background images specially selected as backdrops for green screen video

> 25 high-definition abstract motion video backgrounds

> 100 royalty-free music tracks

> Animated comic phrases (think ‘Ka-Pow!’)

> Animated speech bubbles

Green Screen Actors Pose

Putting together a collection like this for yourself could cost $100’s or even $1,000’s.

But, for this weekend only, you can grab everything for less than 16 cents a video.

If you use green screen in your video creation, or you are just looking for a stack of premium video assets you can use at bargain basement prices, I urge you to check this out while the sale is still on…


It’s definitely worth a look!

How UK General Elections Work

I happened across this neat little whiteboard animation video from no less than the UK Government.

It attempts to explain in a minute how UK general elections work.

Judge for yourself whether it succeeds or not…

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Martial Arts Images

Martial Arts Images Added

This selection of images may throw you.

Karate, kick-boxing, judo and a bunch of other martial arts poses.

Have fun using them in your whiteboard animation projects!

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Young At Heart

Children Images Added

It’s playtime!

Here is a selection of images of children running, jumping and playing for use in your Easy Sketch Pro projects.

Just remember to be back in time for tea…

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