Messing About In Boats

Boats Images Added

Splice the main brace! Here we have a selection of images all about boats and ships.

Use these exciting images in all of your maritime animation projects!

After all, we don’t all want to end up in the same boat.

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Where The Heck Is Sumeria?

Sumeria Images Added

Continuing our journey through the ancient past, we come to Sumeria.
But where was Sumeria?
It was actually the first urban civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq.
It is also arguably the first civilization in the world.
Modern historians have suggested that Sumeria was first permanently settled between c. 5500 and 4000 BC by a West Asian people who spoke the Sumerian language.
Shame they don’t get the billing that Ancient Rome, Egypt or Greece get.
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High Impact Stock Image Collection

Dave Watson has just released his new ‘High Impact’ images collection…

This contains no fewer than 3,000 professionally produced high-definition images that you can use royalty free in all of your projects, and that includes commercially.


What I particularly like about this collection is that all of the images have been selected for their ability to get attention and pack an emotional punch.

This makes them particularly suited for Facebook ads (which is what I will be using them for) and other ad platforms where you need to grab attention.

However, you can use them in any way you see fit.

You can use them for Facebook covers, Instagram posts, Pinterest posts, YouTube channel art, video content, video backgrounds, banner ads, blog posts, website graphics and anything else you can think of.

And, for the next 14 hours or so, you can grab the whole collection for less than $17.

That’s a shade over half a cent per image.

A darn good deal when you consider that stock photo sites typically charge $1 or more for a single image.

Do check out the quality of this collection before the price goes up…

I think you’ll be impressed.

Sizzling Hot Images

Barbecue Images Added

Summer is here (although you wouldn’t necessarily know that here in England). What better time to dig out some barbecue images from the Easy Sketch Pro Image Library?

Fire up the barbie and let’s get sizzling…

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Shake It, Shake It Baby!

Fruit Shakes Images Added

And for this dip into the Easy Sketch Pro Friday Freebie archives… a delicious selection of fruit shake images.

Num, num… I’ll have an orange one with an umbrella please!

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