Creative Canvas Kit Review


A very impressive package called ‘Creative Canvas Kit’ has just been released.

It comes from Scott Hamlin, creator of the excellent ‘Easy Animator Pro’ and ‘Groove Animator’ software, both of which I have recommended to you in the past.

Creative Canvas Kit comes in two parts.

The first is the ‘Doodle Animator’ app.

This allows you to create simple whiteboard animation or ‘doodle’ videos.

The emphasis here is on ‘simple’.

Doodle Animator is all about quickly creating single whiteboard animation ‘scenes’ that can then be included in larger projects using any video editing software.

So it is not designed to replace sophisticated whiteboard animation software such as ‘Easy Sketch Pro’, ‘Explaindio’ or ‘Videoscribe’.

What makes Doodle Animator different is the range of effects you can create.

You can…

  • Draw with chalk on a blackboard
  • Draw with spray paint onto a wall
  • Draw with a quill on parchment
  • Draw with icing on a cake
  • Draw with a finger in the sand
  • Draw with a finger on a tablet
  • Draw with finger-paints on a canvas

And more. You can even tattoo an image onto someone’s back!

It’s very clever and a lot of fun to play around with!

In addition to the app, Creative Canvas Kit also comes with more than 450 vector images in SVG format.

You can use these with Doodle Animator or any other whiteboard animation software.

To fully appreciate what you can do with Creative Canvas Kit, you have to see it in action here…

It’s available at a special discounted price until midnight on November 30th, so do check it out now.

If you create whiteboard animation videos, it’s going to be a very welcome addition to your toolbox.

If you would like to check out Scott’s other products, here are the links…

Easy Animator Pro

Groove Animator

But remember that Creative Canvas Kit increases in price on December 1st.