DropMock Review

Today, I’m doing a complete review of ‘DropMock’, which has just launched.

I’ll cover what the product does, who it is aimed at, all of the upsells and whether it is a worthwhile investment.

DropMock IntroSo, what is DropMock?

In a nutshell, it’s software that allows you to create photo-realistic ‘mock-ups’.

In the original version, released in the early part of last year, you could only create static photo mock-ups.

With the new version, you can also generate ‘live action’ video mock-ups and create static image scenes.

Let’s look at the static mock-ups first.

The software allows you to put your logo, design or pretty much whatever image you want onto objects in one of the many photo templates provided so that it looks like those objects had whatever image you added to them when the photo was originally taken.

DropMock Building TemplateThere are dozens of mock-up templates including coffee cups, laptops and desktop computers, smart phones and tablets, T-shirts, street signs, billboards, the sides of buildings and much more.

The software is very clever at doing this.

It doesn’t just slap the image you provide onto the object.

It actually modifies the image on the fly so that it reflects the orientation, contours and textures of the object it’s placed onto.

For example, place your image onto a T-shirt and it will have the same creases and folds as the T-shirt itself.

(This new version also has a nifty feature to ‘focus’ on a particular area of an image. Everything outside the area you specify is blurred, drawing your visitor’s attention to where you want it to be.)

The software also comes with a fully-featured image editor based on Adobe technology.

So you can do pretty much all of the things you would expect to see in an editor, including crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, red eye removal, etc.

There are also some fun elements, like adding frames, stickers and ‘artistic’ filters.

(Much of this is basic functionality, so I’m glad to see it in the base product unlike in the original version, where it was an upsell.)

But why would you want to do this anyway?

There are multiple applications, which could include…

> If you are a logo designer, you can create mock-ups for clients to show what their logos will look like in various situations

> If you are a web designer, you can create mock-up images to see what your proposed website design will look like on different devices

> If you are a T-shirt designer, you can create mock-ups to show what your designs will look like on a ‘real’ T-shirt

> If you are an internet marketer, you could use your business logo or product graphics to create professional quality images to use in Facebook ads, social media posts on Instagram or Pinterest and thumbnail images for videos

> You could offer a service to do any and all of the above for clients (although that will require the developer license – see below)

DropMock Video TemplatesAs well as static photos, the new DropMock also provides video mock-ups.

These are live action video segments with ‘placeholders’, which you can replace with your own video snippet or static image.

For example, one template may be of a woman typing into a computer.

The camera pans around to show the computer screen and playing on that computer screen is your video or image.

It’s very clever stuff.

The library contains dozens of video templates, including scenes in offices, at home, in the countryside and in the city and with many different actors.

DropMock InsetSome of the templates provide ‘projections’. For example, the video may show an actor looking at their phone and an inset shows what they are looking at.

Unlike with the original version, you can now elect to preserve the audio of your uploaded video or mute it.

If you want to add backing music to your video, a small music library is included or you can upload your own.

Also new in this version of DropMock is a ‘scene creator’.

This basically allows you to build an image by dragging and dropping any of the hundreds of elements from the included library onto a blank ‘canvas’.

For example, you could create an office environment by selecting a desk, a computer, a chair, a table lamp, a clock and so on.

You can complete the effect by choosing an appropriate background.

DropMock Scene Builder

The scene creator uses layers which, if you have done any image editing in the past, will be familiar to you.

Hence, you can put the desk behind the computer, so the computer appears to be resting on the desk.

Some of the elements – such as computer monitors – have placeholders that can be replaced with your own images, just as with the static mock-ups.

So what do I think about DropMock?

On the plus side, DropMock is very fast and easy to use.

You just choose the mock-up you want, whether photo or video.

There is a handy search facility to help you find what you are looking for.

Then upload your own image or video to use in the mock-up.

You can position, re-size and crop your image or video to make sure it appears as you want it to in the placeholder on the mock-up.

You can preview the final result and, only when you are happy with it, export it to a final image or video ready for download.

You can elect to download in either standard or high definition.

(You also have the option to store your finished work for free in the cloud, which is a handy back-up in case things go wrong down the line.)

There are inevitably some restrictions on the content you can use with the templates.

This is especially true of the video templates. The video you add to these cannot be more than 60 seconds long and must be in MP4 format with a maximum size of 50MB.

However, the whole point of DropMock is to create short and sharp promotional elements, not to showcase ‘War and Peace’.

It would have been nice to see some basic video editing capability included, like they have done with the image editor.

For example, I would like to have seen a way to add lower thirds or some form of call to action at the end.

I suspect this will come in the next release. But, for now, you will probably have to use a video editor to finish your video off.

The new scene creator is quite clever and fun to use but, once the novelty has worn off, I am not quite sure how often you would use it in practice.

DropMock is cloud-based software, meaning that all of the processing takes place online.

The good news with this is that you don’t have to worry about the processing capability of your computer.

The less good news, of course, is that you can only use DropMock when you have an active internet connection.

Also, the speed of processing will depend to some extent on how many other users are creating mock-ups at the same time.

That said, I have tested this extensively and video processing never took more than a minute.

The quality of the template images and videos are very impressive.

They have all clearly been created by professional photographers and videographers and feature professional actors and models.

(This also means that they are unique to this product and not re-hashed material that you see all too often doing the rounds.)

For me, the main application for DropMock is in being able to quickly create eye-catching, professional standard image and video ads for use on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

There is little doubt that ads created with this software will help you stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

And it would certainly cost you a lot of time and money (not to mention skills) to create even one of the mock-ups included for yourself.

So DropMock is definitely worth considering if you regularly create ads in your business.

What about negatives?

One potential one for some people will be the credit system that is used to ‘pay’ for the mock-ups you create.

For example, images cost you 1 credit for standard resolution and 3 credits for HD.

Videos cost 7 credits for standard and 10 credits for HD.

(You can preview your final mock-up and only spend your credits once you are happy with it. This removes the ‘Preview’ watermark.)

The authors justify the credit system on the basis that cloud-based video rendering costs are high, which is true in the volumes they are dealing with.

They also say that the ongoing revenue from credits allows them to maintain and develop the software.

This seems to be borne out by the significant improvements they have been able to include in this latest release.

The base version of the product comes with 50 credits, which is enough to create 50 standard definition images through to 5 HD videos.

DropMock UpsellsWhich brings us neatly onto the upsells.

You can purchase credits as you need them or you can take out the subscription plan in the first upsell costing $37 a month or $197 a year.

This buys you 100 credits a month, boosted to 200 in the first month during the launch period.

(Credits never expire, so unused ones in a month can be used later.)

The subscription also includes 30 new image templates and 20 new video templates every month.

So, if you will be using DropMock extensively, this plan probably makes sense.

You can regard the cost as giving you the extra templates and view the credits as a nice extra bonus.

But, if you only intend to use DropMock occasionally, you are probably better off with buying the ‘top-up’ packs as and when you need them, since you may not need the constant addition of new templates.

If you are not sure which way to go, you could start with the subscription for a month and see how many credits you use. If it’s not a lot, you could then cancel the subscription and revert to ‘pay as you go’.

(I am told that the monthly subscription will have a significant price hike once the launch is over, so that is another reason to get in now and see how it goes.)

But this brings me on to a second ‘gripe’…

The base version gives you a personal use license.

If you want to create mock-ups for other people as part of your business, you need the developer license.

And, to get the developer license, you need to take this first upsell.

This is probably not as big of an issue as it might seem.

If you are creating mock-ups as a business, it almost certainly makes sense to get the first upsell so you can minimise the cost of the credits and, at the same time, get a constant flow of new templates you can offer your clients.

However, I would prefer to have seen the developer license offered as a separate upsell with a one-off fee to give people another option.

The second upsell costs $97 and consists of ‘mastermind’ training on multiple aspects of internet marketing.

This is not directly related to the software so need only be considered if it would be of use to you in a wider sense.

DropMock ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

DropMock is certainly a quality piece of software that does a specific task very well indeed.

And it’s not some ‘here-today-gone-tomorrow’ product.

This is the ‘flagship’ product of a well-established business.

There is a complete development and support team behind DropMock and I’m sure it will be around and be developed and supported for the foreseeable future.

One of my gripes about the original release was the small selection of templates and the absence of an image editor in the base product.

That has been rectified with this version, which includes hundreds of image, video and scene creation elements.

I personally use DropMock to create high quality, very original images and videos for my Facebook ads and I have been seeing a lot of success with it.

If you want to be able to produce professional quality, branded, photo realistic images and videos very quickly and easily without having to resort to Photoshop or shooting your own video, it’s a very useful tool to have.

However, I think that the Pro version, with its monthly subscription, only makes sense if you intend to create dozens of mock-ups a month or you want to offer this as a service to paying clients (in which case, it would be a very good investment).

DropMock BonusI am including some genuinely valuable and useful bonuses when you invest in DropMock…

Bonus 1: 50 HD abstract motion video backgrounds

Bonus 2: ‘VidRolls’

Vidrolls is a plugin that allows you to create content around a video on any WordPress website.

This content is split into ‘pre-roll’, ‘main roll’ and ‘post-roll’.

Visitors will initially be sent to the pre-roll content you create.

They will then click a ‘Next’ button to go to a new page containing the video along with any main roll content you have created.

When the video finishes playing, visitors are automatically sent to any post-roll content you have created.

The content can be whatever you want it to be.

For example, you could use the pre-roll or post-roll content to show an ad for one of your products.

Or the post-roll could be a call to action for one of your products.

You can also add an optin form to the pre-roll, asking people to subscribe to your list before watching the video.

VidRoll can also be used to daisy chain a number of videos together.

This could be useful if you are, for example, linking video tutorials together.

Bonus 3: ‘SociSpot’

SociSpot software allows you to add ‘hot spots’ to any image.

These show as icons which, when clicked on, perform some action.

For example, you can create a hot spot that opens a popup where a video plays or a hot spot that invites people to like your Facebook page or a hot spot that links people to your or an affiliate offer.

You could also have multiple hot spots on one image, each describing some benefit of your product or service.

The idea is that you add interactivity – and, hence, engagement – to an otherwise static and uninspiring image.

If you invest in the first upsell, you will also get…

Bonus 4: ‘LeadSeven’ video player

LeadSeven allows you to create a variety of professionally created video player skins for your videos.

It works in all browsers and on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bonus 5: ‘SociSpot Pro’

You get SociSpot as Bonus 3. The ‘Pro’ version adds 30 templates and also gives you a license to resell the software and keep 100% of the proceeds.

You will find instructions for accessing your bonuses after you make your purchase.

You can see DropMock in action here…


The price will be increasing steadily during the launch period so, if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible to get the best deal.