Easy Sketch Pro Demo and Training Tutorials 19 and 20

The nineteenth and twentieth videos in the series of training tutorials for Easy Sketch Pro have now been uploaded.

In Tutorial 19, we see how to change the default drawing hand. There is a growing library of different hands you can use, including male and female and different ethnicities.

There is also a wide selection of different ‘pens’ you can use for each hand, including pens, pencils, brushes and marker pens.

The final tutorial in this series, Tutorial 20, shows you how to take your finished project and generate the final video in standard MP4 format. You can then do pretty much anything you want with it, such as uploading it to YouTube or embedding it in your website. The choice is yours!

We really hope that you have enjoyed this training series and that it has helped you get the best out of this excellent piece of software.

For the complete series of tutorials, go to the Training page by clicking here.