Fly In and Fly Out Effect in Easy Sketch Pro

One of the queries I repeatedly get is how to produce the ‘fly-in and fly-out’ effect in Easy Sketch Pro.

I use this all of the time in my videos and it appears that you want to too!

It is quite simple to create this effect and I have whipped up a short video to show you how.

You can find it in the ‘Easy Sketch Pro Training’ section by clicking here.

In summary, you just add your object (such as an image of a super hero) in the middle of the canvas. Next, open the properties box and choose ‘Drag In’ as the entry action. Select the entry direction and the time for the object to get to the centre of the canvas.

Now set the exit action to ‘Drag Out’ and set the direction and timing for that. You will normally want this to be the same direction and time you selected for the entry action.

I hope you have a lot of fun using this simple effect in your whiteboard animation videos.