Green Screen Academy Review

Green Screen Academy ReviewA new product called ‘Green Screen Academy’ has just launched.

As its name indicates, this is all about using ‘green screen’ in live action videos.

You will have seen many examples of this in action.

Typically, it involves a presenter delivering a presentation to camera on a beach, on a busy city street, in a swanky office, in a penthouse apartment or even in a TV studio.

Except that the presenter isn’t actually on that beach or street or in that office, apartment or TV studio.

Instead, he or she is standing in front of a plain background in one particular colour, usually green (hence, ‘green screen’).

Video editing software can then be used to replace the background colour with a static image or video clip.

In reality, the video could have been shot in the presenter’s bedroom.

Swapping that out for something more impressive and relevant to the subject matter makes the presentation more engaging, credible and, crucially, professional.

It’s common sense.

With few exceptions, people are going to be much more likely to take someone seriously if they look like they are in a bustling expensive office than if they are in a pokey bedroom with an unmade bed and movie posters on the wall.

But why should you be interested?

Well, it has been shown over and over again that videos with real people appearing on-screen are much more effective at building trust and getting a message across.

People relate to people.

And that is true for almost any type of video, whether it’s selling, affiliate marketing, presenting, training or delivering content.

However, many people believe that it is very difficult to create this type of green screen video; requiring a large working space, expensive equipment and good editing skills.

This was once true but is no longer the case.

If you know what you are doing, it is now possible to create green screen videos in a tiny space (maybe 6 feet square) with very basic equipment – even your mobile phone – that requires little in the way of setup.

Showing you how to do this is what Green Screen Academy is all about.

There are three elements to the product.

Green Screen Academy SampleThe core is comprehensive step-by-step video training on how to create a green screen studio in your home or anywhere else.

The emphasis is on achieving this with the minimum cost and effort possible.

I have been through the training and it is very easy to follow even if, like me, you have not ventured into green screen before.

It covers each stage of the process, including studio setup, equipment you will need, setting the scene, presenting your content, shooting the video and final editing.

There are lots of clever ‘insider tips’, demonstrating that the authors are well-versed in what they are teaching.

Of course, key to green screen is having video backgrounds to add to your projects.

So the second element of the product is a collection of 250 HD motion video backgrounds in 1920 x 1080 resolution and MP4 format.

These are not stock video clips you can get elsewhere.

They have all been commissioned and produced and optimised specifically for use as green screen backgrounds by professional video makers.

The range of backgrounds provided should ensure that there is something here for whatever project you are working on.

There are offices, meeting rooms, TV studios, houses, home environments, restaurants, bars, building foyers, fitness studios, hospitals, snowy chalets and even seasonal scenes, such as Christmas.

Also, each setting is available from several angles, allowing you to create multiple scenes using the same backdrop to increase viewer interest and engagement.

The final element of the product is video editing software, including training on how to use it to get the best green screen results.

This software was created by the product authors to meet their needs, so it includes almost all of the key features you would expect to see in video editors such as Camtasia or Sony Vegas.

(Note that this is Windows software, so you will need an emulator to use it on a Mac. However, details of two free alternatives are given that work on either Windows or Mac. )

In addition, you also get these valuable bonuses…

  • A collection of 64 motion backgrounds, including landscapes and iconic buildings, that you can also use in your green screen projects.
  • ‘Video Ads Made Easy’, a step by step guide for effectively using video in your marketing campaigns.
  • ‘Video Vibe Pro’: This is niche marketing software that allows you to find high-converting affiliate offers, create videos to promote them and then syndicate those videos across multiple platforms to get the most exposure and traffic.

All in all, Green Screen Academy is a well-thought out package that is well worth investing in if you are interested in getting into green screen video because it provides good training and a collection of materials to get you started.

There is an initial ‘early bird’ price of just $25 available until 4pm Eastern time, so I recommend you check this out as soon as possible if it is of interest to you.

That is a real bargain for the 250 video backgrounds alone, but you are also getting the training and the software.

After 4pm today, the price will rise slowly in steps until it reaches $47 in a few days time.

You can get all of the details here…

Green Screen Academy UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are three.

The first is a package of 250 additional green screen backgrounds plus a further 250 video assets including spokespersons and stock video footage.

It also provides developer rights for both the frontend and this package.

So you will need to invest in this upsell if you want to use any of the materials in work you do for clients.

The price is $47.

(If you reject this upsell, I believe there is a downsell for a reduced package of assets plus developer rights for $37.)

The second upsell is a package of 20 professionally shot HD videos in different niches, plus another 300 stock footage clips.

The price is $19.

Clearly, only get this if you can make use of the videos in your business.

The final upsell is a reseller license for the frontend product for $67.

Alternatively, you can get resell rights to both the frontend and the first upsell for $97.

This is worth considering if you have an existing audience that would be interested in the offer but, otherwise, probably not.

Green Screen Academy ApprovedAt the introductory price, Green Screen Academy is well worth serious consideration if you want to get into green screen (or even if you only want to get hold of the 250 green screen backgrounds to use in your projects).

All of the details, including demos, can be found here…

Well worth a look.