Groove Animator Review

Groove Animator Review and BonusToday, I’m reviewing a new piece of software called ‘Groove Animator’ from Scott Hamlin.

It’s very rare that a new product comes along which does something completely new and unique.

This is one of those rare occasions.

In very simple terms, Groove Animator allows you to animate images and text in very clever ways to add the ‘Wow’ factor to your video projects.

I am sure that you have heard of ‘whiteboard animation’, where images and text are ‘drawn’ onto a canvas to illustrate the narrative of a video.

Whiteboard animation software, such as ‘Easy Sketch Pro’, achieves this effect by using vector images.

These are images that contain extra information determining how they should be constructed.

Well, Groove Animator uses that extra information to animate images and text in a completely new and very clever way that goes beyond what whiteboard animation software can do.

This is difficult to put into words, so here is a short demo of what the software can do…

I am sure you agree that the effects you can achieve with Groove Animator are very original and pretty impressive.

The software comes pre-loaded with dozens of fonts, 1,000+ images and a range of animation effects you can apply to them.

Each image or piece of text you add to the canvas has its own place on the timeline.

So you set, for example, when it will appear, how long it takes to be ‘drawn’ and whether and how it disappears after it has been drawn.

Unlike most whiteboard animation, images and text can overlap on the timeline.

That means, for example, that you can start to draw one image before another one is completed.

Indeed, you can have multiple images and pieces of text all being drawn at the same time, allowing you to create some very sophisticated effects.

Groove Animator Review

Currently, there are three main animation effects.

  • Quick draw – image / text is simply ‘drawn’ onto the canvas
  • Line by line – each line of the image / text is drawn onto the canvas one at a time
  • Draw in and out – image / text is drawn and ‘re-drawn’ in a loop giving it the ‘pulsating’ effect you saw in the video

Each effect has its own set of parameters, so you can specify how long an image / text takes to draw, the speed at which it is drawn, the number of times it is re-drawn (looped), the delay before the next image / text is drawn and so on.

This means that, if you want to create something quickly, you can just use the defaults.

However, if you want to fine-tune the way the animation works, you can drill down into the parameters.

In addition to these main animation types, there are other effects you can apply to images and text…

  • ‘Off-stage animations’ – have the image / text move onto the canvas from any direction
  • ‘Move to position’ – have the image / text move from one position on the canvas to another
  • ‘Fade’ – have the image / text fade onto or out of the canvas
  • ‘Zoom’ – have the image / text grow bigger or smaller or one after the other
  • ‘Rotate’ – have the image / text rotate in either direction and through a specified number of degrees

Because each animation has its own timeline, you can apply multiple animations to the same object at the same time (or overlapping times) to create some very sophisticated effects.

The animations you create using Groove Animator can be exported in MOV, MP4 and GIF formats.

(With the animated GIF option, you can create animated banner ads.)

The exported files have transparent backgrounds so they can easily be combined with other video elements inside any video editing software.

I should point out here that Groove Animator is not really intended to create complete video projects.

It’s purpose is to produce unique animated elements that you import into other software, such as Explaindio or any video editing program, to create a finished video.

But that is only the start.

All owners of Groove Animator will be invited to join a private Facebook group where they can share ideas for using the software and submit requests for additional images and text or other improvements in functionality.

Scott will be adding to the software in response to this user feedback.

This is exactly what he has done with another piece of his software, ‘Easy Animator Pro’, which has seen 8 major upgrades since launch.

And all have been given to existing users completely free of charge.

(Unlike many businesses who release products and forget them, Scott creates software for the long-term, so Groove Animator will only get bigger and better with time.)

I have been testing Groove Animator for a couple of weeks now and I’m very impressed with how easily you can create some very impressive effects.

I have already added it to my video-making toolkit and I recommend that you consider doing the same.

For the next couple of days, you can get Groove Animator at a $10 discount by using coupon code 10off_ga_earlybird on the checkout page.

And, unlike most other software, Groove Animator comes with developer rights at no additional cost, so you can use it to create video elements for other people as part of a business.

You can get all of the details here…

But what about the inevitable upsells?


There are two upsells and, whilst neither is necessary, they are both worth consideration.

Groove Animator ReviewThe first is the ‘Art Bundle’.

The standard version of Groove Animator comes with an impressive 1,000+ pieces of art to use in your projects.

This Art Bundle adds an extra 2,000+ elements immediately plus a minimum of another 1,000 to be added in the coming month.

(Knowing how Scott over-delivers, I expect that to be considerably more than 1,000.)

When you get this upgrade, you will also be invited to submit suggestions for the type of elements you would like to see added.

During the launch, the price of the Art Bundle is just $19, which makes each element less than 1 cent each.

More than trebling the size of the built-in gallery makes this a very good investment.

Easy Animator Pro ReviewThe second upsell is another of Scott’s products, ‘Easy Animator Pro’ for $37.

This software is effectively an editor that allows you to create animated text and images quickly and easily.

In simple terms, you can import images in SVG, SWF and PNG formats, add text elements and then apply a vast array of preset animation effects.

The finished animations can then be exported in vector SWF, GIF, MP4, or MOV (with transparent background) formats to be used as you see fit.

Here are the ‘headlines’…

  • Animate multiple images with a few clicks
  • Animate images or text independently or together
  • Animate text by letters, words, lines or complete text blocks
  • Break apart SVG Images and then animate the pieces with a few clicks
  • Well over 100 million animation possibilities and growing
  • Bonus animation templates added monthly for free

Here is a quick demo of Easy Animator Pro in action…

Easy Animator Pro is an excellent tool that will add another dimension to your video projects.

If you want more information about Easy Animator Pro (NOT Groove Animator), you can find it here (opens in a new browser window)…

Easy Animator Pro is a completely separate product to Groove Animator and, although it is a great piece of software, it is up to you whether or not you can see a use for it in your business.

The Verdict

Groove Animator ApprovedI got my copy of Groove Animator a couple of weeks ago so I could give feedback to Scott.

I am having a lot of fun creating some very eye-catching effects for my video projects.

I particularly like the fact that you can use the software on two ‘levels’.

If you just want a quick and engaging animation for a video, you can just use the default settings.

However, if you want something more intricate and unique, you can drill down into the huge number of animation options the software provides.

Whiteboard animation software has been around for some time now.

Whereas ‘sketch’ or ‘doodle’ videos used to be pretty rare and that meant they grabbed attention, they are becoming much more commonplace.

You now need to try a little bit harder to be ‘different’ and stand out from the crowd.

Groove Animator certainly allows you to do that.

It produces video elements that are fresh, innovative and very eye-catching.

It gives everyone access to the type of animations that have previously only been available in expensive (and difficult to master) programs such as Adobe After Effects.

I think this is an excellent addition to any video maker’s toolkit.

You can get full details here (or read on for my exclusive bonus package)…

(Remember to use coupon code 10off_ga_earlybird on the checkout page to get a $10 discount.)

I am so impressed with Groove Animator that I have put together a very valuable and exclusive bonus package to make the offer even more enticing…


BONUS 1: 421 Vector Images

This is a massive collection of high-quality vector images for use in your whiteboard animation projects, or in any other way you see fit.

Here is just a small sample of what you are getting. Click on the image to see a larger version in a new browser window…

Groove Animator Bonus

This is a huge number of vector images, spread across multiple themes, including…

  • Business
  • Family
  • Presenters
  • Characters
  • Love
  • Money
  • Sports
  • Tools
  • And more

All of the images are provided in both SVG (vector) and PNG format, so are ready for use out of the box with any whiteboard animation software.

BONUS 2: 25 High-Definition Dynamic Video Backgrounds

Use these 25 abstract video backgrounds in your video projects.

Here is just one example of the backgrounds included…

And here is another…

And another…

That’s just a small sample.

You get 25 of these high-quality motion backgrounds to use in your video projects.

BONUS 3: 47 Abstract Image Backgrounds

Here is a sample…

Groove Animator Bonus

All of the images are in High-Definition 1280 x 720 format.

BONUS 4: 70 High-Definition Stock Images

Here is just a sample of the high-quality images you are getting. Click on the image to open a bigger version in a new browser window…

Groove Animator Bonus

BONUS 5: 101 Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Groove Animator Bonus

Need some background music to spice up your video projects?

Here are 101 tracks spanning a whole range of musical genres.

Whatever the mood you’re trying to create, you’re sure to find something suitable in this massive collection.

The tracks range from 20 seconds all the way up to a minute and they’re yours to use royalty-free however you want to use them.

BONUS 6: How to Legally ‘Steal’ Other People’s Videos

Groove Animator Bonus

This short two-part video course shows you how to find other people’s videos on YouTube and ‘steal’ them and call them your own.

This uses a little-known ‘trick’ that is completely legal and ethical.

The course also shows you how to use the free YouTube video editor (that most people don’t even know exists) to quickly make changes to videos you find so you can use them in your own marketing efforts.

BONUS 7: Video Squeeze Page Generator

Groove Animator Bonus

This piece of software allows you to quickly take any video clip (even one from YouTube) and use it as the background to your squeeze pages (pages where you invite people to join your email list in exchange for a free gift).

Animated squeeze pages like this have been shown to be more effective at getting optins than the usual static pages.

Getting Your Bonuses

Instructions for accessing all of the bonuses are provided inside the JVZoo Customer Portal after you have made your purchase.

Groove Animator is fresh and exciting and a worthy addition to any video maker’s toolkit.

To get it at a significant launch discount (use coupon code 10off_ga_earlybird on the checkout page) , along with all of my bonuses, go here now…

I know you are going to have a lot of fun using it!