Kick-Ass Toons Review

Kick-Ass ToonsA new collection of animated video characters has just launched, unpretentiously called ‘Kick-Ass Toons’.

Actually, the title neatly conveys the style of the animations.

They are a lot of fun, a little bit quirky and refreshingly different to most of the offerings that have hit the market recently.

The collection comes with 11 characters including ‘Joe the Suit Guy’, ‘Jenny the Suit Girl’, ‘Stacy the Home Girl’, ‘Ted the Home Guy’ and more.

Each character comes with 10 different animations.

And, unusually, each of these animations comes in ‘full shot’, ‘medium shot’ and ‘close-up’ versions.

That gives you much more flexibility in your projects.

Kick-Ass Toons Example

Each version comes in MOV, SWF, FLV, GIF and PNG file formats, so they can be used in any video editing software.

(The PNG versions also draw perfectly in Easy Sketch Pro.)

All of the files come with a transparent background, so they can be overlaid onto anything you like, including live video footage.

During the launch, ‘Kick-Ass Toons’ is available for less than $20 and also comes with these fast action bonuses…

  • 3 animated spokespersons, again in full shot, medium shot and close-up versions
  • 11 HD video backgrounds
  • 1,500 icon graphics across multiple niches
  • ‘Easy Animator’ software that allows you to create animated SWF and GIF files from imported SVG, SWF and GIF files
  • 50% discount on ‘Volume 2’ due out in October

The only small ‘gripe’ I have about the collection is the file names, which are just sequential numbers.

It would have been much more helpful to label them descriptively e.g. ‘Joe at Desk’, ‘Jenny with Sign’, etc.

However, it’s not a big deal to rename the files yourself.

Overall, this really is an impressive collection with a unique style that makes it visually engaging and something that will definitely stand out from the crowd.

See Kick-Ass Toons in action and get all the details here…

To finish, here is an entertaining video showcasing some of the fun things you can do with the Kick-Ass Toons animations…

If you liked that, check out the full collection here…