Kinetic Text Animator

Kinetic Text AnimatorScott Hamlin has just opened the doors on a limited release of his brand new product, ‘Kinetic Text Animator’.

There will be a general public release in the near future.

However, the purpose of this limited release is to get feedback from early users that can then be reflected in the final version.

In exchange, the software is being offered for the next few days only at a significant discount on its general release price.

So what exactly is Kinetic Text Animator?

As its name suggests, this is software for quickly creating eye-catching text animations that will increase the ‘Wow’ factor and level of engagement for your video projects.

Here is an example…

The emphasis is very much on speed and simplicity of use.

You just type in your text, select one of the pre-set animation effects, choose your colours, define the area of the screen you want the text to appear in and hit ‘Go’.

The software provides a typical video editor timeline, so that text animations can be tailored precisely to a background video and/or audio track.

You can import all of the usual assets, including videos, images and audio tracks.

Finished projects can be exported as MP4, MOV, WEBM or (significantly) animated GIF.

There are also a couple of useful additional features, such as the ability to search for background images and even inspirational quotes, right from inside the software and there is a ‘right-to-left’ option for Hebrew and Arabic text.

The pre-set animations currently include ‘The Glitch Pitch’, ‘The Sprinkled Sonnet’, ‘The Dimensional Jolt’, ‘The Incidental Pivot’, ‘The Segmented Stanza’ ‘The Magnetic Message’, The Pepper Blast’, ‘The Codex Swing’, ‘The Upended Utterance’ and ‘The Scrambled Prose’.

However, Scott is adding new animations on a regular basis in the lead up to the general launch, which will include at least 20 (knowing how Scott loves to over-deliver, it is likely to be more).

People who invest now will get all future additions free of charge.

Each animation has its own set of parameters (e.g. spacing, speed, etc), so you can tweak them to get them working just the way you want them.

Kinetic Text Animator is desktop based software and there are versions for both PC and Mac.

I have been having a lot of fun playing around with Kinetic Text Animator for the last couple of hours.

Animated text is a very simple way to make otherwise pretty boring videos exciting and engaging.

In fact, it’s a simple way to create engaging videos, full-stop.

And Kinetic Text Animator makes creating exciting animated text drop-dead simple.

I see it as a great tool for rapidly creating sales videos, video ads and short videos for use on social media, such as Facebook.

You can even use it to plug into the current craze for animated GIFs.

But enough of the words.

The best way to describe Kinetic Text Animator is to see it in action, which you can do here…

This is a very worthy addition to any video maker’s toolkit.

Scott is known for producing high-quality, innovative, video software and this is no exception.

And, if you grab it now, not only do you get a significant discount on what everyone else will pay, you also get the opportunity to shape what the final software looks like…

I think you’ll find it a lot of fun!