Let’s Animate 3 Review

A nice collection of video assets has just been released, called ‘Let’s Animate 3.0’.

Inside, you get 14 different animated ‘cartoon-style’ characters, each with 30 different actions.

These are ideal for use in explainer-type videos.

Here are the characters you get…

  1. Businessman
  2. Businesswoman
  3. Soldier
  4. Special agent
  5. Santa Claus
  6. Unfit man
  7. Unfit woman
  8. Fitness male
  9. Fitness female
  10. Bearded man (no bearded lady, sadly)
  11. Storm trooper
  12. ‘Darth Vader’ character
  13. ‘Luke Skywalker’ character
  14. President character (that looks a lot like you-know-who)

In addition, you get 10 HD cartoon-style video backgrounds.

All of the animations come in transparent GIF, SWF, MOV and PNG formats, so you can use them pretty much anywhere.

As a bonus when you buy, I have persuaded the author to include a further 5 animated characters. Again, each comes with 30 different actions.

These have a ‘scary theme so you’ll get a zombie, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, a mummy and a werewolf.

The bonuses will be available in the download area after you make your purchase.

That brings the total up to 19 characters and 570 animations (each in 4 different formats).

This is a good collection of high-quality video assets at a very reasonable price, so it is worth checking out if you use animated characters in your video-making.

You can see everything you get here…


(Note that the price will be rising slowly during the launch.)