Magic Video Templates Review

There have been multiple launches of some very good software products over the last few weeks.

However, I realise that many people don’t have the time or inclination to get to grips with software and would like something that is even quicker and easier for adding the ‘Wow’ factor to their video projects.

If that’s you, you may be interested in ‘Magic Video Templates 3.0’…

(The sales page and video is a little ‘hypey’, so just scroll down about a third of the way and watch the sample videos of what you get.)

Magic Video Templates BoxThis is a large collection of more than 200 professionally produced high-definition PowerPoint templates that can be tailored to your own business with some simple copy and paste editing.

It’s possibly the easiest way to add some very cool effects to your videos.

Now, I don’t normally recommend sets of PowerPoint templates because, to be frank, most of them are pretty awful, being thrown together to make a quick buck.

However, Magic Video Templates (despite its cheesy name) is an exception.

I have been through the entire collection and everything in there is carefully thought out and of high quality.

You can see that for yourself from the numerous samples on the sales page.

Magic Video Templates 3 is available at a bargain introductory price during the short launch period.

Magic Video Templates ApprovedAt the time of writing, you can also get another 15% off the price by using the coupon code 15%off at checkout.

Included are complete video animations, intros and outros, animated calls to action and even Instagram video templates.

It also comes with some nice touches.

For example, it includes ready-made templates for YouTube thumbnail graphics and channel art.

The price will be rising steadily over the launch period, so do check it out as soon as possible if it interests you…

For those of you looking for a more sophisticated software solution, I have some good news.

Viddyoze Special OfferA couple of weeks ago, I recommended ‘Viddyoze’, along with a special offer to get it for a low one-time fee (it will be switching to subscription-only).

I have had so many emails from people who missed out on the offer, that I have persuaded the owners to open it up again.

But it’s only for the next couple of days.

Viddyoze is by far my favorite video tool of the last 12 months.

It creates Hollywood style intros, outros, lower thirds, filters, overlays, special effects and much more.

And it’s a lot of fun to use.

If you missed out last time, do check it out (and especially watch the demos) here…

It’s well worth a good look.