New Must-Have Software For Easy Sketch Pro Users

A new piece of software has just been released that will be of interest to you if you use graphics in your business.

And particularly if you are a user of Easy Sketch Pro or other whiteboard animation software.

As you probably know, there is a multitude of formats for graphics files.

The ones we see most often are JPG and PNG.

But there is also the less well-known ‘vector’ format with the SVG file extension.

BillboardThe power of vector graphics is that they can be expanded (or contracted) to any size without losing any of their quality or resolution.

Without getting technical (because I’m not very technical), this is achieved mathematically. The image is adjusted on the fly for whatever dimensions you want to apply to it.

This makes vectors particularly suitable for printed media where quality is vitally important.

That includes things such as business cards, flyers, posters, banners or even huge billboards.

It means that the same graphic can be used for any print media, irrespective of how small or large it is.

(If you don’t have your own printing facilities for these, you can just take the vector files to a print shop, knowing that they will be ‘print ready’ for them to create whatever you want.)

The more standard graphics formats, such as JPG or PNG, do not have this ability.

As soon as you start enlarging them beyond their initial dimensions, they immediately start to lose resolution and quality.

In other words, they become ‘pixelated’; you will start to see the individual pixels that make up the image.

But vectors aren’t just good for printed media.

They are also the preferred format for whiteboard animation software, such as Easy Sketch Pro.

That’s because vector files include the information necessary for the software to properly ‘draw’ the images in a video.

Other graphics formats may not be usable at all or, even where they are, usually produce unpredictable results.

Whiteboard animation software comes with their own library of vector graphics.

But this only takes you so far and you soon realise that you need more.

And that usually mans getting them created or buying them online.

So, whether it’s for print media or whiteboard animation, vectors are good.

But the software to create them and use them is both rare and expensive.

The most obvious example is ‘Adobe Illustrator’, which can set you back hundreds of dollars.

On top of that (as I can testify), software like this is not simple to use.

Designo Pro DashboardAnd that’s where this new software, ‘Designo Pro’, comes in.

In a nutshell, it’s a graphics editor with one key unique selling point…

It allows you to edit and create vector files.

Not only that, it also does it in a very simple way that avoids the steep learning curve with alternatives such as Illustrator.

This is such a gaping hole in the market that I am surprised nobody has come up with something like this before.

First up, I like that the authors are taking this seriously.

They have had 60 beta testers – many of them very sophisticated graphics professionals – using the software and coming up with tweaks and improvements.

And here is some really good news if you are a user of Easy Sketch Pro.

If so, you will know that it can be a bit ‘picky’ about which vectors it will draw properly.

It isn’t enough that the file is in vector format. It has to be in a vector format that the software likes.

Recognising this, the authors of Designo have created a special vector output option that Easy Sketch Pro will recognise and use.

(Other software, such as Explaindio, is less picky and happy to take the ‘standard’ vector output.)

This alone makes Designo Pro worth considering.

I currently use Illustrator to create vectors for Easy Sketch Pro and not all of them work when I try to load them.

Now, I can put them through Designo Pro and produce them in a format that will be accepted.

So this will save me an awful lot of time and effort.

Before we dive into the software, note that it is cloud based so you will need an active internet connection to use it.

I have spent a couple of hours playing around with the software and found it very easy and intuitive to use, even without watching any of the training videos included.

If you have used any sort of graphics editor before, you will feel well at home here.

That said, I like it that the training videos are included in a menu within the software, making them easy to access, without going elsewhere.

(It would have been a nice touch to also include the sort of ‘float-over’ tips you see in other graphics software, but that is a small point.)

Designo Pro comes preloaded with hundreds of templates covering a multitude of design tasks.

The first thing you do on firing up the software is select a category from the dropdown menu.

There are currently 20 categories provided, including Facebook posts, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter covers, infographics, website headers, offline banners, web elements, ebook covers, CD covers, call outs, buy now buttons, logos and more.

There are also categories for such things as badges, quotes and ‘cartoons’, including characters to use in your video projects.

There are currently more than 500 templates included but I understand that further categories and templates may be added over time.

You can also start a design from scratch if you want to create something not already included.

Once inside a category, there are multiple templates to choose from.

Each template consists of several individual graphic and text elements and you can edit each element simply by selecting it by clicking on it.

When selected, you can click and drag an element around to change its position or rotate it by clicking and dragging any of the corners.

Colors can be changed by selecting from the floating color pallet.

For text elements, you can edit the text by overwriting it, as well as changing the font, size and color.

You can add new text or add your own images to your design by using the text editor and image import function.

And there is a built-in library of icons, split into various categories such as ‘arrows’, ‘shapes’, etc.

There is also a small number of effects that you will see in other graphics software, including opacity, blur and stroke.

Plus, each element is on a layer and you can edit the order of layers to determine which appears on top of which others.

However, that’s about as far as it goes.

But this isn’t pretending to be Photoshop. The emphasis is on ease of use and price.

Once you are happy with your design, you can export it as a PNG file, a ‘standard’ SVG file or an SVG file optimised for Easy Sketch Pro.

Designo Pro ApprovedOverall, Designo Pro does what it says on the tin.

It is not intended to be a ‘bells and whistles’ alternative to expensive and complicated graphics packages like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Instead, it provides a simple and cheap method for editing and creating vector files.

And it does that very well, especially given its low price.

It is an excellent tool if you want to create vector files for print media.

Or if – like me – you want a way to create vector files for use in whiteboard animation software.

And especially if you want a way to ensure that all of your vector files are usable in Easy Sketch Pro.

(Users will know how frustrating that can be!)

Designo Pro UpsellsOK, what about upsells?

There are three…

The first is the inevitable ‘Elite’ version and is a subscription at $17 a month or $67 for 6 months.

The frontend product includes personal use only.

If you wish to use Designo Pro to create graphics for other people, including paying clients, you will need the Elite version, which gives you a developer license.

I would much prefer to have seen the developer license available for a one-time fee, rather than forcing you into a membership like this.

However, Elite also gives you other benefits…

It comes with the ‘1-Click Image Curator’, which is effectively a search engine for finding images to use in your projects.

And you also get a fresh batch of templates every month to add to the built-in library.

(It is not clear at the time of writing how many you get.)

This upsell makes sense if you want to use Designo Pro as part of the services you offer clients.

Otherwise, it probably isn’t worthwhile unless you intend to create a large volume of graphics on an ongoing basis.

The second upsell gives you agency rights to Designo Pro for a hefty $197.

What this means is that you can create separate accounts within the software either for outsourcers or for clients who pay you for access.

Note that you are not reselling the software as such.

You sell access to it and deliver by creating a new account under your agency license.

This will mainly be of interest if you have an existing list of people who would be interested in using Designo Pro.

The third and final upsell is a separate piece of software called ‘ConvertPix’ for $27.

In simple terms, this allows you to overlay images with buy boxes, optin forms and calls to action. These appear when the viewer hovers their mouse over the image.

It is up to you as to whether this is of use in your business.

Designo Pro BonusesI think this is a great little tool, so I am adding some bonuses to increase its usefulness…

Bonus 1: 1,000 Vector Images

First, the big one.

Designo Pro comes with more than 500 templates covering all sorts of graphics tasks.

However, apart from a selection of cartoon characters, it doesn’t really come with much in the way of vector images you would typically want to use in videos, particularly whiteboard animation videos.

To rectify that, I am including no fewer than 1,000 vector images in a multitude of different categories, including…

  • Animals
  • Annotations
  • People
  • Speech bubbles
  • Shopping
  • Numbers
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Vehicles

Plus many more.

And you don’t have to just use these in videos.

They can be imported into Designo Pro and added to any of the existing templates.

With 1,000 to choose from, your are sure to find something suitable whatever your project.

Bonus 2: Free Image Directory

This PDF has been compiled by me over a period of 2 years and has just been updated to make sure it is bang up to date.

It includes links to websites online where you can download literally millions of images – including vector images – totally free of charge.

This is truly an invaluable resource and will provide you will a limitless source of graphics and images for Designo Pro or any other purpose.

Bonus 3: 25 Additional Designo Pro Templates

Give your Designo Pro template library an upgrade with an additional 5 banner templates, 10 business card templates, 5 Facebook cover templates and 5 flyer templates.

Bonus 4: 34 Additional Character Vectors

17 extra male and 17 extra female cartoon character vectors to add to the ‘Cartoons’ template category in Designo Pro.

Bonus 5: White Label Rights to Video Vibe Pro

Video Vibe Pro is all-in-one software for affiliate marketers.

It allows you to research profitable niches, create sales videos for products and upload and optimise the videos for YouTube.

Not only do you get the software to use yourself, you are also getting white label rights, meaning that you can put your own name on it and sell it as your own, keeping 100% of the proceeds.

Bonus 6: Additional Buy Buttons Pack

A selection of professionally designed buy buttons to use on your websites, videos or anywhere else.

Bonus 7: 3 Internet Marketing Fast Guides

These Fast Guides have been specially designed to get you up to speed quickly with…

  • Building an audience through Facebook fan pages
  • Building and monetising an email list
  • Making money through affiliate marketing

You will find instructions for accessing all of the bonuses inside the JVZoo Customer Portal after purchase.

Designo Pro is being offered at a very low introductory price, but this will be increasing steadily during the launch period.

So, if you are interested, I urge you to check it out as soon as possible to get the best deal.

You can get all of the details here…

If you use Easy Sketch Pro, it will make your life a whole lot easier.