People Collection Review

People Collection Sample

I’ll keep this very brief because the sun is shining and I need to answer the call of the wild.

The wild, in this case, being the garden.

I’m rushing this out to you because I have just come across an offer that you may well be interested in if you use images in your business.

It is a huge collection of stock photos of people, called (less than imaginatively) ‘The People Collection’.

More than 13,000 of them in fact.

And they are all high definition, high emotion, high impact images that you can use royalty free with your marketing, in ads, for website design, in blog content, on social media or in your video projects.

Plus, this comes with developer rights included, so you can use these images in work you do for paying clients.

If you use them regularly like I do, I’m sure you already know that stock photos don’t come cheap.

I have just had a quick look online…

A single image can cost $20 on iStockPhoto, $15 on Shutter Stock and $9 on Envato.

That rapidly mounts up if you need to use images regularly in your business.

With the People Collection, you get 13,000+ stock photos for less than $24.

So that’s less than one fifth of one cent for each image.

Yet these are all high-quality, professionally taken photos.

That’s pretty amazing value in anyone’s books.

The reason for getting this out to you now is that the price is set to jump by $6 at midnight tonight, Eastern time.

Of course, less than $30 for 13,000+ images is still an excellent deal, but why not get the best price?

You can get full details and see samples of what is included here…

OK. I’m off into the garden.

This could get ugly. So, if I’m not back in two hours, send a rescue team.