Sketch Pack Mega Bundle Review

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle ReviewIf you use whiteboard animation in your business, a new product has just launched that you may be interested in.

It’s called ‘Sketch Pack Mega Bundle’ and it’s a collection of 1,210 hand-drawn characters and supporting elements in vector (SVG), PNG and PDF formats, perfect for use in any whiteboard animation software.

The characters come in multiple poses and span 17 different niches, including athletic men and women, business men and women, musicians, real estate agents, students, doctors, police men and many more.

In addition, there are 77 supporting elements, including bubbles, icons, highlights, lines, symbols and shapes.

Unusually, the developer’s licence is included, meaning you can make as many videos as you like both for yourself and for projects you do for your clients.

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle BonusIf you order during the launch period, you will also pick up these bonuses…

Bonus 1: A gift card giving you $10 off other products from the author

Bonus 2: An additional 50 assorted sketch images in both SVG and PNG format

Bonus 3: 5 custom PowerPoint video outro templates with calls to action (e.g. ‘visit our website’, ‘join our email list’). These are fully editable and developer rights are included.

Bonus 4: 25 ecommerce themed whiteboard animation images in SVG and PNG formats, including sale, discount, premium and guarantee images.

Bonus 5: 20 high-definition abstract motion video backgrounds for use in all your video projects.

Bonus 6: 25 electronic devices themed whiteboard animation images in SVG and PNG formats, including things like cameras, phones, tablets and more.

Bonus 7: 20 professionally produced background music tracks for use in any of your video projects (or any other way you see fit)

During the launch, the entire collection – including all of these bonuses – is available for less than $20, making it a real bargain if you are looking for whiteboard animation assets to add to your library.

You can get all of the details here…

Sketch Pack Mega Bundle UpsellsThere are a couple of upsells…

The first is an additional collection of more than 500 whiteboard animation graphics for $17.

The second is a collection of 24 ‘done for you’ whiteboard animation videos with developer rights in a range of niches for $24.

I leave you to decide whether these would be useful additions for your business.

The price of Sketch Pack Mega Bundle is rising slowly during the launch so, if you are interested, do check it out as soon as possible…