Super Niche Video Templates Kit Review

I don’t normally recommend niche video collections because, to be frank, they are almost always pretty awful and not something I would present to clients.

However, one has just launched that is different for several reasons.

Super Niche Video TemplatesIt has the unnecessarily long title of ‘Super Niche Video Templates Kit’, but I’ll refer to it as ‘Super Niche’ for brevity.

There are three things that make this stand out from other niche video offerings you typically see.

The first is the sheer size of the collection.

It comes with 50 videos for 50 different niche businesses, including…

  • Accountant
  • Bridal
  • Funeral home
  • Handyman
  • Landscaping
  • Massage
  • Vet
  • Window cleaning

And many more.

The second thing that sets this product apart from the crowd is its quality.

Let’s be honest…

Most of the niche video collections we see are pretty poor.

They seem to have been thrown together as quickly as possible with little relevance to the niche they are supposed to represent and often with some pretty poor English.

In contrast, Super Niche does seem to have been created by people who know about the niche and the particular issues involved.

Plus, very unusually, they all come with a voiceover that has clearly been recorded by a professional artist.

The third thing that sets this product apart is that all of the videos are fully customisable.

As well as the video file, you are given the PowerPoint file that was used to create it, allowing you to make any changes that you want.

This will typically include adding business names and logos and contact details.

However, should you choose to, you can change anything, including colour schemes and text layers.

You are also provided with the audio file for the voiceover, along with the script should you want to have it tweaked or translated.

You can obviously use these templates to create videos for your own business.

However, the real potential comes from using the developer license to modify these videos for local niche businesses.

In most cases, you would only have to change the business name, logo and contact details.

But you could charge a premium for making more extensive customisation.

ApprovedDuring the early bird launch, the personal use and developer license options are both available for less than $25.

That prices each of these templates at less than 50c each, which is excellent value for money.

‘Super Niche’ is definitely worth your consideration if you offer video services to niche business clients.

You can see exactly what you get – including previews of all 50 videos – here…

Well worth a look.