Use Easy Sketch Pro Instead of PowerPoint

PowerPointThinking of doing a PowerPoint presentation? Why not do something different and consider creating a simple whiteboard animation video instead?

At the simplest level, you could have Easy Sketch Pro write out your key points and then illustrate them by drawing suitable illustrations.

If you need to expand on some points, you can simply pause the video and then start again when you are ready to continue.

Or how about having a cast of characters that will raise your points for you and then ask the sort of questions you want your audience to ask so you can answer them?

Most people are so used to seeing dry PowerPoint presentations that they will be much more interested in what you have to say if you present things in a new and entertaining format. You can also add some humour and that always helps engage an audience.

With a little imagination, Easy Sketch Pro can bring a new and fresh dimension to a whole range of different applications.

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