Vid Central Review

I am the first to admit that I don’t use video anywhere near as much as I should be.

And that’s because I find video creation – especially of ‘live action’ videos – pretty daunting.

I am much more comfortable with the printed word.

But that has to change.

We used to say that video was the ‘future’.

But that future has already arrived.

People want to watch video.

Apart from the obvious YouTube, video is now starting to dominate on Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks.

In short, if you are an online marketer, you need to be able to use video in order to compete.

However, there are surprisingly few resources out there that provide comprehensive training on video production, especially for marketing purposes.

I know because I have been looking for some time.

But a new product has just been released that seems to fit the bill.

Vid Central ReviewIt’s called ‘Vid Central’ and comes from marketer (and martial arts champion) Ryan Phillips, who has had serial six-figure product launches and affiliate promotions using the power of video.

So what’s it all about’?

In a nutshell, Vid Central is a training course on how to create high-quality, high-converting marketing videos.

Although it majors on ‘live action’ video production, most of the techniques can also be applied to video production in any format.

One of its ‘USPs’ (or ‘Unique Selling Propositions’) is that, unlike other video training courses, it includes specific training on how to create video processes to achieve a range of different objectives.

If you like, it provides a ‘hub’ where you can go to dive into training for the particular marketing task you want to complete.

Hence, there is training dedicated to creating…

> A video sales letter (VSL) designed to convert cold traffic into buyers

This will include all traffic that arrives on your website without knowing who you are.

Sources might be YouTube, banner ads, media ads, Facebook and other social media.

> A video-based squeeze page that will build trust and maximise email optins

> Video sales messages designed to effectively sell upsells after people have already bought a ‘frontend’ product

> ‘Downsell’ videos

Few marketers create effective downsell videos that offer an alternative to an upsell which a customer has rejected.

It isn’t just about offering the same thing, but cheaper (which can actually alienate your audience).

> Videos to effectively promote affiliate offers

There are subtle, but important, differences between promoting affiliate offers and your own products.

> Joint Venture (JV) partner introduction videos

Recruiting other marketers to promote your offers is one of the most effective ways to build a business quickly.

However, it’s not easy to do if you don’t already have a known name in your market.

This training shows you how to establish credibility with potential partners and ‘make them an offer they can’t refuse’.

> Product demonstration videos

This is all about using video to showcase the best aspects of your product or service and to create the highest possible perceived value.

Another USP that I really like about Vid Central is that ‘fill-in-the-blank’ scripts are provided for each of these key marketing functions.

These are based on the author’s many years of successful video marketing and give you a huge shortcut to completing your video projects because you don’t have to start with a blank piece of paper.

Following this specific training on each of the key marketing objectives, there is training on each of the three key stages of video creation…

  • Pre-production: how to plan your video shoot
  • Production: actually shooting the video
  • Post-production: how to edit your video for the best possible finished product

Finally, there is the ‘Film School’.

This offers complete training on every aspect of creating good video…

  • Camera Basics: What features your video camera should have and how to set them up for a shoot. There is also a separate module on choosing the correct lenses for different types of shot.
  • Shooting: How to set up and perform your shoot so that it looks professional and can be completed in the fastest possible time with the minimum of errors.
  • Editing: Almost all videos will require editing. This shows you how to rectify mistakes and errors and how to add professional touches to your final video.
  • Talking Heads: How to frame, light and sound a video with a presenter talking to camera.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is critical to a live-action video and this training shows you how to get it right first time.
  • Audio: Poor audio can ruin an otherwise good video. This training shows you how to set things up so that you capture crisp and clean audio with the minimum of fuss.

The modules are split into a number of tutorials – each typically lasting around 5 minutes – that cover the training in a brisk and fluff-free manner.

There is also a downloadable ‘cheat sheet’ with each section, providing a useful summary of the action steps to take to achieve the intended results.

I also like the fact that the training is not delivered by dry ‘talking heads’.

Where relevant, there is video footage of real people carrying out the steps involved in the processes (e.g. how to rig a camera for a live action shoot).

There is no doubt that shooting effective video – especially for marketing – is a skill that needs to be learned.

That can be achieved through trial and error or by learning from someone who already has that skill and the results to prove it.

Vid Central ApprovedVid Central will definitely reduce the learning curve significantly, particularly if this is something you are just starting out with.

There are also lots of ‘insider’ tips that more seasoned video producers should also find of benefit.

Vid Central is currently available for a very low introductory price, which makes this comprehensive training excellent value for money.

I have certainly seen many courses that offer far less detailed training for many times the price.

However, the price will be rising throughout the short launch window, so I recommend that you check it out as soon as you can to get the best deal.

You can get all of the details here…