Video Ads Genius 2

You are probably aware of the current hoo-ha regarding big advertisers and YouTube.

In a nutshell, companies discovered that some of their ads on YouTube were being run against undesirable videos.

Things like propaganda videos for fringe political movements and even recruitment videos for terrorist organisations.

The problem stems from the sheer volume of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day, making it virtually impossible for YouTube to effectively ‘police’ the content it hosts.

The result is that many of YouTube’s biggest advertisers have boycotted the platform unless and until YouTube can find to a way to ensure their ads are not being associated with ‘undesirable content’.

What is less well-known is the huge opportunity this offers other marketers.

Even before this all happened, YouTube already had far more advertising space than it could sell.

So it has responded by slashing ad prices to attract more advertisers to fill the void.

The result is that YouTube ads are now as cheap as they will ever be, making this the ideal time to get into video marketing in a big way.

But where do you find the training that will enable you to exploit this opportunity?

Video Ads Genius 2This is where ‘Video Ads Genius 2.0’ comes in.

This is a new training course from Justin Sardi, who has been a very successful video marketer for many years.

Inside, you’ll find more than 4 hours of step-by-step over-the-shoulder training that shows you how to get ultra-cheap traffic to any offer with YouTube video ads.

Justin will show you how to get views for less than 1 cent and clicks for less than 5 cents.

He will also walk you through actual case studies where his YouTube campaigns have generated an ROI of hundreds – even thousands – of percent.

Plus, you be shown how to get $75 of free advertising credit, so that your initial campaigns will be free while you find your feet.

I have been through the training and I am impressed.

The videos are concise and easy to follow, with no fluff or filler.

And Justin’s experience comes through loud and clear.

Justin also has you covered if the idea of creating videos alarms you.

He will show you a number of ways to quickly produce high-quality videos – including with completely free software – without having to appear on screen.

The course is currently available at a very low introductory price which, given the content provided, makes it a real ‘steal’.

I highly recommend it if you want to take maximum advantage of the current opportunity for ultra-cheap advertising on YouTube…

Video Ads Genius UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are three…

The first is for Justin’s ‘TubeSift’ software, which performs two functions.

The first is a keyword research tool for YouTube, showing which search terms are going to be high or low competition.

The second is very useful.

There are several ways you can ‘target’ your YouTube ads (all of which are covered in the course).

One is to find specific videos for your ad to run against.

The idea is that you can run your ads against videos whose viewers will be laser-targeted for whatever you are offering.

The problem is finding these videos can be hugely time-consuming.

And, even then, the video owners may not have advertising enabled.

That’s where TubeSift comes in.

It allows you to search YouTube for videos in your niche that have advertising enabled, along with statistics such as views, comments and subscribers.

You then select the videos you want to use and add them to your campaign in one go.

It’s a massive time-saver.

The second upsell provides more advanced training on techniques such as retargeting.

The final upsell is a subscription that provides ‘done-for-you’ campaigns on a monthly basis.

None of the upsells are required to implement the frontend training.

I would just say that I use the TubeSift software and I can certainly recommend it as a way to make your YouTube campaigns more effective and less time-consuming at the same time.

Video Ads Genius ApprovedThe bottom line is that Video Ads Genius 2.0 is worthy of your serious consideration, especially if you want to take advantage of the current opportunity for bargain basement advertising rates on YouTube.

You can get all of the details here…


Definitely worth a look.