Video Graphics Bonanza Review

If you create videos for business or pleasure, a new product called ‘Video Graphics Bonanza’ has just been released that you may be interested in.

Video Graphics Bonanza

As its name suggests, it’s a collection of mainly animated graphics you can use in your video projects.

But what makes this stand out is the size and quality of the collection and the low asking price.

There are 21 different ‘modules’, including…

  • An animated virtual TV studio
  • An animated office background
  • An animated gift box opening sequence
  • A ‘sci-fi’ 3D animated ‘airlock’ sequence
  • An animated hand with card reaching out of computer screen sequence
  • 25 animated abstract video backgrounds
  • 15 animated 3D social icons (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, JVZoo, etc)
  • 30 animated ‘flat’ social icons
  • 4 animated rainbow lines scene transitions
  • 3D animated ‘rising graph’ sequence
  • 3D ‘breaking chain’ animation
  • 60+ animated sketch elements (emoticons, highlights, arrows, circles, etc)
  • 20 animated hand elements (using tablet, cell, clipboard, holding coffee, etc)
  • Animated business objects (email, mobile devices, screens, etc)
  • 10 animated lower thirds
  • Animated 3D Facebook ‘like’ animations
  • 17 ‘big window’ office backgrounds
  • Travel and hobbies illustrations
  • Animated YouTube call to action outro sequences
  • Flash effects (explosions, impacts and highlights)

And there’s more…

As a special bonus, you also get access details and full training for a new video editor that is a very good alternative to Camtasia and After Effects.

This editor gives you unlimited video and audio tracks, fully-featured editing tools, green screen editing, animation layers, 140 visual effects and much more.

And, best of all, it’s completely free.

The whole collection, along with the bonus, is available for just $9.95.

That represents excellent value for money.

You can see examples of everything that’s included and grab your copy here…