Video Kadavra Review

Video Kedavra ReviewI have just come across a new launch that may be of interest to you.

It’s called ‘Video Kedavra’ and it’s a collection of video templates that you can edit simply using PowerPoint.

No other software is required.

I don’t normally recommend collections like this for the simple reason that they are usually of pretty poor quality, being thrown together to make some quick sales.

However, ‘Video Kedavra’ stands out because you can see immediately that the templates are professionally produced and include some impressive cinematic and parallax effects I didn’t know were even possible with PowerPoint.

Of course, you do need to have PowerPoint to use these assets.

Video Kedavra DemoBut, if you do, it’s simply a question of opening a template in PowerPoint, editing the text, logos and images to how you want them and then exporting to standard MP4 video format.

Although the process is straightforward, tutorials are provided to walk you through it.

With this collection, anyone can use these eye-catching assets in their video projects without any technical expertise and without having to use complicated or expensive video editing software.

The main collection comes in 6 modules…

> Module 1 : 8 parallax video templates

> Module 2 : 8 cinematic video templates

> Module 3 : 10 Instagram promotional video templates

> Module 4 : 9 video intro templates

> Module 5 : 6 YouTube outro subscriber templates

> Module 6 : 16 animated logo templates

The collection also comes with a number of bonus modules…

> Bonus Module 1: Collection of billboard mockups

> Bonus Module 2: Collection of desktop and laptop iMac mockups

> Bonus Module 3: Collection of mobile phone mockups

> Bonus Module 4: Collection of Instagram promotional mockups

> Bonus Module 5: Collection of banner ad mockups

> Bonus Module 6: Collection of ‘infographics’ mockups

Video Kedavra BonusIn addition, I am including additional bonuses to add even more value to the offer…

> Bonus 1: Professionally produced fashion and food promotional videos

> Bonus 2: Generic ‘granite’ themed business promotion PowerPoint template

> Bonus 3: Generic ‘blue steel’ themed business promotion PowerPoint template

> Bonus 4: Generic ‘sunrise’ themed business promotion PowerPoint template

> Bonus 5: Generic ‘cobalt’ themed business promotion PowerPoint template

> Bonus 6: Collection of Facebook ad templates for multiple niches

> Bonus 7: 101 transparent background images of business people

Instructions for accessing all of the bonuses will be available immediately after you make your purchase.

During the short launch window, Video Kedavra is available for around $17, but the price will be rising slowly with each sale.

Whether it will be of interest to you depends on what niches you operate in.

So take a look at what’s included, along with demonstrations, here…

Note that the basic product comes with personal use only.

If you want the commercial license, you will need the first upsell (which I believe is $37), which also gives you a bumper collection of additional assets.