Video Pal Review

We seem to have already been spoiled with a run of very good video tools hitting the streets since the New Year.

And today, there may be another one to add to the collection.

Video Pal LogoIt’s software called ‘Video Pal’ and comes from veteran internet and video marketers Todd Gross and Paul Ponna.

In a nutshell, Video Pal allows you to create ‘walk-on’ presenters – called ‘video pals’ in the software – for any website (including other people’s sites).

You may well have seen this in action in your travels around the internet.

You arrive at a website and a live or animated character walks onto the web page, usually from the bottom right corner.

The character then starts talking, welcoming you to the site and introducing you to all the exciting things that await you there.

These walk-on characters have been proven to increase engagement on websites because they are unexpected and unusual and add personality to an otherwise static presentation.

The technology to create these walk-on characters has been around for some time, but it has been relatively expensive to buy and pretty difficult to use.

Video Pal has been created to bring this functionality to the mainstream in a low-cost and easy to use package.

The best way to understand what Video Pal is all about is to see it in action.

Here is a short demo showing a range of uses for the software…


The software comes with a large selection of video pals, split into 2D, 3D and ‘human’ categories.

There is also a facility to upload your own video pals, including yourself or other presenters.

The provided video pals come with a selection of pre-set marketing messages covering such topics as email signup, product launches, special discounts, coupon codes and welcome messages.

However, the real power of the software is that you can have a video pal relay whatever message you want.

You can do this by uploading an audio file, by recording a voiceover or, most impressively, by using the text-to-speech feature in the software.

You select the video pal you want to use, select the language and then copy and paste the text that you want converted into speech.

Video Pal PresenterMost text-to-speech software around handles a small selection of the most popular languages.

But Video Pal comes with an impressive 24 different languages, including rarer options such as Icelandic, Swedish, Turkish and even Castilan Spanish.

And you can also elect for things such as English with British, Australian, American and even Indian accents.

I have not seen such a variety of text-to-speech options outside of high-ticket software.

(By the way, the software will also translate scripts you provide into other languages.)

When you have chosen your language, you can then select which of a variety of 47 male and female speaking voices you want to have read your message.

Now, I have to be honest.

The result of the text-to-speech conversion is not perfect – it comes across as a little bit ‘robotic’.

However, it is certainly as good as – if not better than – what I have come across elsewhere and is very impressive in software at this low price point.

If you are doing things right, your video pal will be making a call to action i.e. getting the viewer to take some form of action.

So the Video Pal includes the ability to display an email optin form or a button (e.g. linked to an offer) alongside the video pal at a pre-defined point in the message.

The software currently supports Aweber, GetResponse and SendLane autoresponder integrations, but I understand others will be added in the near future.

Once your video pal is created, you simply specify the address of the website over which you want it to appear.

That can be your own website or someone else’s website.

For example, you could send people to the sales page for an affiliate product and have your video pal walk on and describe the bonus you are offering with a countdown timer and a popup button with your affiliate link.

Anything you can do to increase engagement with your website visitors is going to increase conversions and sales.

Although I think some of the claims made by the vendors are overly ambitious, used in the right way, Video Pal would certainly increase engagement.

It’s novelty alone will get attention.

And using animation and voice to draw people’s focus onto your call to action has to be more effective than relying on static text and graphics alone.

I have been playing around with Video Pal for a couple of hours now and I am very impressed with the results, particularly given the low introductory price.

Video Pal BonusesAnd I am including a range of bonuses to make the deal even more attractive…

Bonus 1: Green Screen Profits with giveaway rights

‘Green Screen Profits’ is Todd Gross’s course on how to create ‘green screen’ videos and use them to increase email optins and sales.

It will also show you how to use green screen to turn yourself (or any other live presenter) into a ‘video pal’ for use with the Video Pal software.

Green screen videos are live action videos that are, as their name suggests, shot with a presenter in front of a green screen.

The footage can then be edited to replace the green screen with other video footage or static images.

In this way, you can make it appear that the presenter is in an office, on the beach, up a mountain, in front of the Eiffel Tower, or anywhere else that takes your fancy.

Todd spent many years as a weather presenter, using green screen on a daily basis.

When he moved into internet marketing, Todd used his presentation and green screen skills as the basis for building his seven-figure business.

Green Screen Profits shows you how you can emulate Todd’s success.

He covers everything from creating a low-cost, corner-of-a-room green screen studio to the ‘weatherman’s secret’ of always pointing at exactly the right place on the background video or image.

Green Screen Profits has sold for anything up to $297, but you get it completely free when you invest in Video Pal.

Not only that, you also get giveaway rights, so you can use this as a powerful lead magnet or as valuable content for your followers.

Bonus 2: 5 Todd Gross ‘video pals’

Todd Gross is a professional presenter and you get a selection of video pals featuring him when you invest in Video Pal.

With this bonus, you get an additional 5 Todd Gross video pals to use in your video projects.

Bonus 3: 5 2D animated video pals

As well as the 5 Todd Gross video pals, you also get an additional 5 2D animated video pals, making an extra 10 elements you can use in your video projects.

Bonus 4: Video Pal case studies

4 real life case studies of how businesses are using video pals to increase engagement and conversions on their websites.

Theory is one thing, but seeing how video pals are being used in practice will give you inspiration and a head start for your own business.

Bonus 5: Vector Fire Sale including resale rights

‘Vector Fire Sale’ is a collection of 595 character images, 70 animated characters and hundreds of icons – all professionally created – that you can use in your video projects.

Even better, you get resale rights, so you can sell this collection in your own business.

Bonus 6: 2 animated video avatars

You get a doctor and a workman avatar to add to your niche-specific video projects.

Next up is a selection of WordPress plugins…

Bonus 7: Social Commerce

This plugin allows you to create a simple ecommerce store inside any WordPress website.

Bonus 8: Social Share

This plugin allows you to offer rewards to your website visitors in exchange for them sharing your links on social media.

For example, ‘lock’ a special report and grant access after a visitor has shared your content with, say, 5 Facebook friends.

Adding this ‘viral effect’ to your website will maximize the return you get from all the traffic you generate.

Bonus 9: WP Viral Click

‘WP Viral Click’ is a plugin that enables you to ‘harvest’ relevant content from other internet sources and add it to your own WordPress website, legally and ethically.

And it can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Bonus 10: WP iAsk

‘WP iAsk’ allows you to quickly create surveys and questionnaires for your WordPress website.

This type of interactive content has been shown to increase engagement significantly.

And WP iAsk also comes with analytical functions that enable you to summarize and interpret the data you are collecting so you can better understand your visitors and tailor your content and offers to their needs.

Bonus 11: List Building Excellence

This video course sets out a step-by-step plan with the aim of building an email list of 1,000+ subscribers inside 30 days.

It also covers how to create a ‘newsletter’ that will engage with your subscribers and allow you to monetize your growing list.

The Bottom Line

Video Pal Approved

Video Pal is definitely worth your consideration if you have any website where you want to increase engagement.

Or even if you just want something ‘cool’ to show off to your visitors.

Video Pal is currently available at a very low introductory price, which will be rising steadily during the launch period.

So, if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible to get the best price.

You can find full details and see more examples of the software in action here…

If you are looking to increase engagement and conversions on your website, it could be a very useful addition to your video maker’s toolkit.

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