We Need Your Help

Easy Sketch Pro BoxWe are planning a major upgrade to Easy Sketch Pro to be imaginatively entitled Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 (well, it does say it all!).

If you have had a chance to review the software and have any suggestions or ideas for what should be added to the new release, shoot us an email on easysketchproreviews@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to include them in the development ‘wish list’. The aim of this new release is quite simply to make Easy Sketch Pro the best whiteboard animation software out there.

This is your chance to help make that happen and all feedback will be gratefully received!

Here are some of the suggestions already in…

  •  Upload your own custom ‘canvases’ or backgrounds
  •  More hand and pen combinations, including your own
  •  Separating actions from objects (so that, for example, an object can exit from the canvas after other objects have been added)
  •  Having the hand ‘rub out’ an object
  •  Inserting a video into your project

There are some great ideas in there. Do you have any more?

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